How to update Elive (if possible)?

Hello Everyone,
I am used to Debian and Linux MInt which have a Update option in their menu, so I was wondering how to update Elive.
Does Elive also have such option? I could not find it. Maybe you have to use Synaptic somehow?

Actually upodates are pushed automatically. You will be warned that there are updates/changes to be installed. So no need to do that yourself.
Other than that there’s always the “apug” commnand, which is an alias for “sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade” … saves typing. :wink:

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Hello, Thank you very much for your reply and answering my question.
The Elive OS becomes even more great!! The sudo apt-get update/sudo apt-get upgrade will come in handy when if I want to be sure the system is up to date.

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