How to update your Elive, the correct way


There's different ways of updating your Elive:

Suggestion: reinstall in upgrade mode

  • elive-upgrader: This included and own tool takes care about everything, you don't even need to worry or use it, from time to time, your system will be updated with fixes and improvements
  • apug: This alias for terminal simply runs an upgrade from apt, if you want to get updates manually
    • tip: alternatively you can use: "elive-upgrader --upgrade"
  • reinstall (upgrade): some changes (improvements/fixes) cannot be included by "just updating packages", the installer includes many improvements too and probably there's much more put in the build version, for that: Download a new version of Elive, run the live mode, and reinstall, the upgrade mode of the installer will take care of everything keeping your users, its configurations and files, to make your life much easier
    • E16 desktop: it is suggested to "restart your desktop configurations" to get some improvements too
    • TIP: use the 'usb-bootable-elive' tool to download new versions of elive, the process is automated and reduces your network usage in a 90% thanks to zsync

Note: If the version of Elive changed too much, sometimes is suggested to do a new entirely clean installation and copy back your files to your new system & users

Note: It is technically possible to include more 'automated' features by just installing packages, but elive has a very fast development and this will require to sacrifice a lot of its efficiency, so the best option is the featured upgrade mode of the installer which automates everything

3.7.3 betatesting experiences

I may be have a question about UPGRADE

Do we have to " recreate our user/account" or not, just running the upgrade will be enough to get all new features ?


well, sometimes some things has updated configurations, like cairo-dock or the desktop itself, you should update them manually, if -such- feature would be included by default, the users will always find "their" modifications lost, which is less wanted than not touching them and having an old preconfiguration by elive

you should use "elive-skel upgrade" for them, and the restart-desktop-configurations for the desktop one



Is there a way to Upgrade them all at one time ?

Anyway the 3.7.4 will do it...Forget my question


yes there's a command meant for that, but im not sure that you really want to do that, so you can lose a lot of your confs, better to just select some ones

the tool could be improved by merging changes, but thats much more complex to develop

also the gui tool doesn't include the .config/(things), just the main dir itself


I will run the 3.7.4 upgrade later today
Will it upgrade everything ? I suppose yes


not most of "users confs" (like .config/cairo-dock), because user don't want to lose their confs, for that you need to use elive-skel

in the new versions you will miss the updates of cairo-dock
and mimetype associations:

elive-skel upgrade .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

you can verify it later by opening a PDF file, it should be opened with the correct application

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