Howto use E16 as your daily desktop - intro first steps

This is a wiki page, I will write it with more time, but first, help me to know what is needed to include :slight_smile: edit -this- page and add your points you think are important to know here:

Welcome topics:

  • summary of e16
  • differences between e16 and others

First steps:

  • where are the things

    • filemanager, ... ?
    • clock (time, date)
    • system tray
  • how to run apps

    • ALT + ESC + one letter or 2
    • menu
    • shortcuts with e16 Keydit
  • how to hotkeys

    • shortcuts with e16 Keydit
  • how to install apps

    • synaptic
    • do we recommend not using flatpak and snapd? (to preservere stability)


  • composite
  • sounds
  • E common features
  • systray
  • "remember" features
  • Elive integrations / features (with e16)

Advanced usage:

  • how to manage the desktop
  • How to change existing keyboard layout with a GUI
    • for a systemwide change, open a terminal and type:
      "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration"


  • how to take a screenshot

    • use the command elive-screenshot or with the -r option to take a range selection, then its copied so you can paste it anywhere
    • print screen or Shift Print screen and select area ( default, it save in pictures and clipboard to paste it)
  • Add "onboard" virtual keypad to the login screen:

    • Configure " /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter" as root with sudo. i.e " sudo nano /etc/lightdm/light-dm-greeter".
      Go to the end of the file under [screen] and remove the # and add " onboard" behind " keyboard="

Save it and on next login you' ll have the option added to the top right menu.


  • suspension / hibernate sometimes doesn't wake up synaptic touchpad.

    • If so, to re-enable it:
      Open a terminal and run "sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse" , after which the pad should be responsive again.

I will edit it later today

We need to make it simple, not too overwhelming but people through that page need to see how powerfull / cool is Elive and E16

We need to put the spotlight on the hidden golden nuggets



Yep, agree

maybe with some attractive small images too :slight_smile:

People are lazy
Yes we need pictures pictures and pictures

Animated GIF when it make sense..

:zipper_mouth_face: WHERE IS THE DAMNED FILEMANAGER :wink:

I always struggle through - I don't know how many - submenu....
on 3.7.0 A :yum:

And why do you look especially at me
when you said this, ah ??


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Let's first make a good listed summary of what we want to include :slight_smile: , when all is listed, it will be written (and then including small images too)

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Look at the howto I sent to you (pm) lately
there you can imagine how the average user used to look on the things
(25 years experience watching and reaching people)

its a long one!

Ya, but you need to read page 1 only :wink:

a short video (also placed on youtube - ) would be good


I think I've just been bitten by that one. The fresh install running e16 on my X1 went black (while charger connected). Refused to restart so I hit the power button. Machine doesn't visibly react (oh well, black=black) so Igo to TTY1 and see following sequence:

are you sure that they are not "hard disk problems" (or usb cable probably) ? check the last 2 lines of these messages

yeah, I saw those but suspected they were due to USB being restarted after trying to wake up. Did think it a bit strange they appear after power off.

The HD has no problems and there was no USB connected when it shut down.

Which doesn't change the fact that "laptop mode tools"is taking very long to shutdown. That's the main cause of the machine appearing frozen/dead methinks.