Image viewer replacement

There was an old application in Elive called "entice", it was a simple image viewer, you can try it yourself on the old versions of Elive like "Elive Gem"

@Vincent_Torri recently started to write an image viewer in EFL using the same name, this of course doesn't means that will be the same or have the same features and I don't know yet if there's any special features planned for it, but is good to have an EFL based image viewer around :slight_smile: , in fact is good to have any application made in EFL :happy:

If you want to try it:

apui entice
entice ~/$( xdg-user-dir PICTURES )/Wallpapers/

the second command will open entice showing the images in your wallpapers directory


We actually use vienior as a simple image viewer suggested by @triantares in the past (IIRC), so maybe can be a good idea to switch from vienior to entice for Elive (especially because is an EFL app)

Research, betatesting, overview of actual features, suggestions... all welcome! comment here :slight_smile:


Entice is currently work in progress. It will have very basic features

  • gui controls which appear on mouse move (window will not be polluted by gui, as we want to see images, not gui)
  • rotation, fullscreen, zoom
  • mouse and key configuration
  • some basic settings
  • list view
  • browser mode like rage

if you want other features, please tell me


Did a quick install and run and am quite happy with it.
What I personally would like is an option to either be able to view the full path to an image or at least the ability to copy it to memory.
That is considering, that I usually don't view my images for fun but in search of one to use (copy/paste) elsewhere. :thinking:

That's a very nice feature @triantares , indeed I also use it mostly for work on something, maybe a "copy address" button or something like that

@Vincent_Torri browser like rage sounds very cool (and unique) feature :slight_smile:

please open issues on github (Issues ยท vtorri/entice ยท GitHub)



Thanks for this work @Vincent_Torri !
I was about to tell about EXIF datas, seeing, eventually editing & erasing, but just seen that Thanater' send an issue on GitHub... Except that I think a full display of those should be better...

Good continuation to you!

in current git, when you hit Ctrl-c, normally the full path of the file name is copied in clipboard.

Please try it and tell me if it works

do you need an icon for that in the gui, or is Ctrl-c sufficient ?

thank you

I'm all for helping to translate to french. :smiley:

glad to have some help, though i'm french... :slight_smile:


For me, as a diehard keyboard jockey that would absolutely be sufficient but (there's always a but) ....... for any unsuspecting user, a right click would be expected to bring up an option menu with a "copy" option.

In short: Offer it as an option that's expected behavior. :nod:

i've opened an issue for this

just fyi, i've fixed several bugs in entice. i have to implement the last parts of the zoom stuff and entice will be in a satisfactory shape


BTW I also packaged another app by @Vincent_Torri , a multi document (like pdf) viewer, unfortunately it crashes a bit now but we have the package :slight_smile: that just like with entice, it will be automatically updated when there will be new commits

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Is ephoto entice? It doens't seem to be, they seem to be two different viewers...

ephoto is like Shotwell or digikam : it can apply filters and manipulate photos

entice is like eog : just a simple image viewer

This might be nice as "evince" sometimes refuses to print PDFs with embedded bitmaps in them.
Meaning I sometimes want to print out a 2 sided multipage booklet and discover afterwards that some pages are missing ..... consequently messing the page order.

Strangely enough, when then printing from "xournal" there's no trouble printing those pages. :thinking:

about etui, it's work in progress. I will certainly rewrite completely the GUI to be very similar than entice's one, because they do the same task : display a doc (image, pdf) without loosing space in the window.

@TheTechRobo can you please check entice's issues you opened ? i think they are fixed, but i want to be sure. Thank you

I think that in all our reporting issues we have to be abundantly clear whether we are on Enlightenment E24 or standard Elive E16. There is a certain difference. :shocked:

It's clear that entice is made with Enlightenment in mind .... but it would be nice if it runs on other DEs too. In the case of Elive, specifically E16.

Yeah, I will. Sorry, I haven't had much time lately.