Keyboard config test without login out and back in

I have some challenges finding the perfect KEYBOARD CONFIG. Using French Canada, Legacy and other choices offered by the Keyboard Confuguration tool does not allow me to reach what I want / usually use.

The process of using the Keyboard configuration Tool, login out and back it make it unpleasant or let's say longer and 1930 like

Is there a Keyboard tool, I can use to test different config, without login out and back in ? Like in most distros where we Try & Error difference choice within the keyboard tool without leaving our session ?


Find it here:
It will run 'standalone'.

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It's simple, works well but I think it's not making any change as I get this error when I save
Couldn't find rules file (pc105)

That is weird. pc105 is in my base.lst.
grep pc105 /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst
and see if it's there on your machine.
It gives me the same error if I try to set the 'rules' to that which is actually right as there is no 'pc105' rule ..... there is a model by that name though.

Thinking about it I realized that for the sake of simplicity I made the script keep the existing hardware keyboard ..... expecting that to be right and that the user only wants to change the keymap.
This utility doesn't offer changes there, so you'll have to go through the other app in the 'Elive-center' and stick to the basic tool.
If you want it real simple set it to 'evdev'.
This app does nothing other than i.e this command (for my US keymap) setting the 'layout' and the 'variant':
setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout us -variant altgr-intl

So apparently your keyboard has been set with '-rule pc105' previously..

Can you check with the output of:
setxkbmap -query

~ ❯❯❯ setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc105
layout: ca
variant: fr-legacy
~ ❯❯❯ setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc105
layout: ca
variant: fr-legacy

Fr-legacy I think was the last thing I tried with the Elive Tool asking what I want
As for pc105, I guess it's what hardware is being detected ?

Is there some command I could type on my other Linux PC (Deepin), to see the Keyboard configuration that works well, so I can duplicate the keyboard config onto my Elive Laptop ??

well those setxkbmap are the same on every Linux.
You could've just tried ..... you lazy bugger. :astonished:

I was taking a chance someone know exactly to type to get the working config ( BTW I didn't tough of it before)

As nobody seem to know the exact command to :
1- Get actual working config on my other Linux PC
2- Replicate that config on Elive

Then, I will google.... LOL

I just gave you the exact commands in the previous replies. :astonished:
To read the settings:

setxkbmap -query

To change the settings:

setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout us -variant altgr-intl

Where in the above command you can copy over the 'model', 'layout' and 'variant' you have in Deepin.

Considering that I am 100% sure that my little app copies over the existing 'rule' and 'model' settings ...... I'm beginning to wonder what you've done beforehand to set up your keymap i.e how that 'pc105' got attached to '-rules'. :thinking:

What did you set it to when you installed/ran Retrowave in live mode.?

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BTW if you want to you can add an option to have multiple layouts available and toggle them with 'Alt +Shift'.

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Tks !!
Deepin :

yoda@yoda-PC:~$ setxkbmap -query
rules: evdev
model: pc105
layout: ca

NOw will try to use that info on Elive...

Suspense :excited:

It's WORKING!!!!! :excited: :rofl:

Meaning that Deepin does not offer a variant where 'ca' actually has multiple as you saw in the app.
Other than that, it's exactly the same as what you've got/had ....... so what are you actually trying achieve???

:rofl2: quote="yoda, post:12, topic:3481, full:true"]
It's WORKING!!!!! :excited: :rofl:

You're totally off your rocker .... it's the same but minus the variant option.
I am sure it worked before if that one works.:rofl

The only thing I can say is that now my keyboard is working well using this :

setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout ca

No... It wasn't LOL But I am not curious enough to try to replicate my problem LOL Now every keys are doing what they were intended to do in life and accomplish their mission :laugh:

Anyway now you can try out all the variants you want by using the 'elive-quick-keymap-changer' app.
That was after all the question and the title of this thread. You asked explicitly for a way to change/test keymap settings w.o the need to login/logout.

Else it would've been a lot quicker to ask:
'How do I copy over my deepin keymap settings to Elive?'

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As mentioned, If I had tough of this at start, I would have taken that path... As it was not working, my mind stop sleeping and got creative and throwed that idea toward my mouth, then my fingers then in the forum....

As for elive-quick-keymap-changer if someone mentioned it and I missed that sorry... Will try it to see what it does...

LOL ok you meant

Anyway tks it's working now and the Elive Installation Keyboard wizzard was not able whatever I chosed to make it work easily... I guess if I tried every possible combination it would have ending up working

But with most distro I used, I simply had to Choose Canada, French Canada and I was ending up with my Keyboard working.... They problably do it differently, I don't know.. And now, don't care LOL

Yes. And if you don't want a variant (there are actually 6 for Canada) you hit cancel on the variant choice (last) window.

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