Keyboard configurator - suggestions

Why, oh why, does the keyboard-configurator not allow variants unless I clikc "other". If Linux is going to classify all Canadian layouts as French (Canada), at least allow me to pick variants (French (Canada) keyboard, Canadian Multilingual Standard, etc).

And after logging-out and logging-back-in, the configs are gone. :face_with_head_bandage:

that's exactly the reason :slight_smile: IIRC it shows a list of common ones and if you need a more complex config you have the "other" option (which runs a different, more complex and less intuitive configurator)

that's a bug? tell me more about that but in the thread for that (or in

New thread for the keyboard-configurator stuff. :ohmygod:

It's simple. I changed the layout, and after a log-out-log-in cycle, it's gone.

It's still not great though because it took me AGES to realise that I had to click "other".

Be clear if it's E16 or enlightenment you're posting about and please keep this thread about fonts!
..... otherwise the troll-daemon of mayhem will strike you down and force you to clean kitten threads for all eternity. :imp:

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Meant E16. Sorry, forgot that E2* existed.

Well why not simply install "gxkb" and add your configs there?
Like I explained a while ago:

I could but the point is that it's not working. Something to look into, since people might get really annoyed if their keyboard keeps getting switched back to US.

Well my point at the time was that "gxkb" is an excellent little tool that's quite apt for Elive E16 but only lacks a GUI configurator to show the available lay-outs and then choosing one (or more) to make it(them) available.
It's very much the same as the E24 tool, ultimately.

Oh yeah, I now remember myself working on a little tool as a key board configurator.
Maybe I'll go back to that and finish it. :thinking:

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I think we (i.e Elive) need a correct tool for E16 where E24 will come with it's own (actually already has it).
For E16 it will have to come as a system tool. I think "gxkb" is a good starting point.
So for now I think we should concentrate on "stabilizing" E16 and keep those tools separate from E24....i.e they shouldn't show up in the E24 settings menu either, if they don't work there.

yeah exactly :slight_smile: agreed with all

and of course everybody can customize its systems (and with the help of howtos from here), but shipping elive with the feature (the best picked tool) included (or optional), is always a good thing to have (if is possible to do)

so yeah, let's try to add the missing or needed things for a good e16 especially if we want it as a derivated stable

the question about gxkb is to how to ask (or include) into the user desktop in the case that needs it (most of people don't needs a keyboard switcher, and having it by default is not a good thing), maybe let's just have it installed and with an optional autolauncher ? :thinking: (those to select in the first/new desktop when installed-mode (only))

Could be, it's after all exactly the same as E24 does.... opt-in by adding it to the systray/panel.
I do like having the option to crash out of my desktop (X11) with Ctrl,Alt and Backspace which gxkb offers. :smile_cat:

The default switcher does too.

You mean the "change user" option or what?

No, the default Keyboard-layout switcher. (The >advanced< one)

yeah but i said optional :slight_smile:

I don't like to have a language keyboard switcher showing for everybody by default (also thats more resources), especially because most of people dont needs keyboard switchings

im more like in adding it to the installer as an optional feature (if there's a section on the custom questions where it can fit), that's of course not avaialble on live but i dont think is too much important since live is more like a demo and people takes care "later" about these things. The installer has also a special feature which is autodetecting the need of features (it is auto when you select to not custom them, but just the same as the predefined selections you see when you want to custom them). So maybe can be good to detect it like... country == switzerland (i think?) or canada :thinking:

that's strange, this option is enabled by default in elive but it doesn't seems to work :thinking:
i liked to have that too... but I accidentally pressed the combo a few times in my life and I was like OMFG, actually i dont miss much crashing the desktop :thinking: :rofl:

anyways, back to the topic, what is the suggested selection of keywobard switches proposed? let me see if i can implement it :thinking:

@TheTechRobo already did some work in that direction.

Basically what's needed for an app, is a clear view of "/usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst" and the option to make a choice there, then implement that choice with either "setxkbmap" with no more ado or .... add it as the sole entry in "gxkb".

People wanting multiple layouts should be pointed to "gxkb" i.e it should be configured and added to .e16/startupapplications.list .... solely if they indicate that they want to have it.

True. i should come back to it sometime. TheTechRobo/keyboard-switcher: Will this appease Triantares? :P - keyboard-switcher - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea