Lock screen on e16

Whilst searching for a "lock-screen" possibility I stumbled upon "slock" (in suckless-tools package) and "i3lock" (which is it's own package). Where the latter is IMO opinion an elegant solution.

Other than that: One can always have the "screen-lock" button or key-combo activate "dm-tool switch-to greeter" which doesn't really lock your machine, just your session (as do the two other lockers too) ..... that would require exra tweaking of X and the access to the virtual consoles.

"dm-tool lock" really locks the whole machine but isn't very friendly in it's response when wanting to unlock. It's very effective though.

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Good timing. This is something I was just looking for. I can confirm it works nicely. But will need to massage it to get a decent look and automate it - as in: how does one run this automaticaly? To make equal to the look of Elive, would need to properly configure and image so that it properly fills screen, etc.

Try this:
Sorry for the prefotmatted block there caused by the indentation. Do not know how to sidestep that here.

#!/usr/bin/env python

Removing python code. The link is up in the next following post.


Well, that's quick. I will try and play with this tonight after work. Much obliged.

Was already working on it. :smiley14:
Gimme a minute or 2 and will have a link up.

Here it is:
Make it executable and get your CTRL,ALT,L or some other combo to activate it.

It will error out if you do not have i3lock installed. Not in the mood for catchems.:runaway:


beautiful. :eyepopping:

Changed e16 keybindings and this works well for lock session only, but if I lock whole machine on logging in the option window is still on the screen - like a refresh problem. Its easy enough to restart e, but some users may be irritated by that - do you get the same behaviour?

I get the same! If I move, for example a terminal window over it, it disapears.
Sort of like an echo.
I see this more with other apps too where screen edges leave a shadow line as well as the strange Virtualbox behaviour.
The script kills the widget/window when clicked, normally as it does with xsession-lock.
It looks like "dm-tools lock" is faster than Gtk and saves its state.

Making it sleep for 1 sec makes it go away.
Download again, the e16screenlock.py has been updated.

Thanks for the input. :smiley14:

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but that fix doesn't seem to work for me. I changed the sleep time to 2 secs. Still no good. Would there be a way of adding a e16 re-start line on re-login?

No, I'm having the same issues after a reboot.
It's lightdm that keeps the screen there. The same happens if you make a typo in e16keyedit and this grey error widget pops-up.

I don't think I can do a lot about that. If I set dm-tools to anything else it will not lock the whole machine.......which, I just discovered is not wholy true either.
Meaning others can still get to your tty1-6 :eyepopping:

But then anyone can just hold the power button and do a reboot too, so maybe doing "dm-tool switch-to-greeter" might just as well be used.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That way you would lose your session and maybe your work.

Gave it the option to start "xscreensaver" and the lock the session, you will have to install "xscreensaver" first for it to work. :blush:
This will still leave your ttys accessible, though but doesn't have the strange bug "dm-tool" has.
Be aware though that it will keep xscreensaver running until you manually exit it with "xscreensaver-command -exit"
So actually it has now become a choice showcase: either i3lock or xscreensaver. :face_with_head_bandage:

Personally I prefer the i3lock though I suspect it could use some (darker) tweaking to reflect Elive look.
changed it to cornflower-blue to reflect @Rebel450 proposed sapphire :mwahaha:

Just download it again and see if you can live with it until the e16 devs (or @Thanatermesis ) come up with something. :muscle:

I'm good as is to be honest - but will download and test for the sake of testing...cheers.

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I checked out "light-locker" too but that has the same problem: It leaves artifacts on the screen and has some strange behaviour. It does not have the "bypass login through tty7" bug, though.

Changed the screenlocker with "lightlocker" as a 3rd option for those wanting them as an option on screenlock.
Also a simple widget only offering "i3lock" that I use myself with CTRL,SHIFT and L keycombo.
The choicy one:

My personal preference:

just got that windows "echo" screen edge artifact you mention after closing out of Chromium. Is it related to the fact chromium doesn't use the system (e16) window borders?

I suspect something like that.
In enlightenment settings I've just turned of shadows in "composite" and waiting to see if that makes a difference.
The video tearing Virtualbox does when opening is still there, though.

I have not read the whole thread, but I tried dm-tool and i3lock

I really liked the simple and beautiful interface of i3lock-fancy version (maybe it requires blur features in the graphic card, and this can be a problem

dm-tool should be a more correct and safer way to lock, and its already included (no extra dependencies), I don't think that it will be very confusing since the only thing that the user can do is "login on his user" and "discover" that his desktop stills here like before

is there any bug with dm-tool ?

note that TTY's are always accessible no matter if you use or not a lock, but you still need a username/pass in order to login on them so there's not any security related problem with them

I will set the e16 confs to use dm-tool by default for now :slight_smile:

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tks I need that for my laptops

so to install Elive implementation of this I do what ?
Restart Desktop config or what ?

Yes, if you go to TTY1 and then back to TTY7 it doesn't ask a password but goes straight into the (not so) locked session.
I think that's why "light-locker" is made available.

Another issue is that lightdm leaves artifacts on the screen. A very obvious one is the error widget lightdm throws. You can click close, which actually closes the widget but it stays in view --- like an echo. It only goes away if you move another windows over it.

Personally I prefer i3lock, it's stable, simple, light and easily cofigureable.
Instead of the colour you can also use a picture to block the screen if you want to.....even a screenshot of a previous session to fool others trying to get the mouse working or worse: as if it's a Win8 Desktop.. :mwahaha:

I hadn't even seen there was a (only used the standard one) fancy version. :face_with_head_bandage:

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