Lock screen on e16

It's too buggy IMHO ...... I don't want it.:sniff:
If you insist on lightdm, then use lightlocker.

I tried i3lock and it's cool. both normal and fancy version
I am trying to find a way if to turn off my screen with xset dpms force off and then lock it

Why do you want to do that?
I like to keep my system and session " as is" when I lockscreen, so as not to break downloads or compilations et all.....so no suspend or log out until I say so.

that command @Thanatermesis gaved me simply turn off my 32 inch screen on the spot. Instead of waiting for the screen to turn off by itself

I use the power on/off button for that. :smiley14:

From the i3lock manpage:
Users who wish to explicitly enable DPMS only when their screen is locked can use a wrapper script around i3lock like the following:

        revert() {
          xset dpms 0 0 0
        trap revert HUP INT TERM
        xset +dpms dpms 5 5 5
        i3lock -n
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yes, but first "apug"

lol wtf, this is a very bad implementation lol, maybe it doesn't looks anything at all, which in fact makes sense (lightdm is another X layer, has no interaction with e16 itself, but by other side it should "add" an uppon "locked" layer on it probably :thinking:

so sounds like i3lock-fancy should be a better one then

but before to switch to it, i need someone with a very old graphic card (which doesn't support blur features) to test it to see if i3lock-fancy has issues with blur :thinking:

try the i3lock-fancy package, it looks pretty good :slight_smile: no screenshot required, also the -g option is nice too (greyscaled)

If you insist on lightdm, then use lightlocker.

nah, i wanted to use it because was already included by default and also should be a more correct implementation, but is not and is buggy as you said

I did. It looks cool but a downside is that it shows partly the desktop you locked, which could be a problem for some scenarios.
Simple 13lock does not have the blurring so doesn't pose any problems for graphics, IMO.

One con for i3lock is that it doesn't leave an option for "onboard". Something that "light-lock" does ...... in the sense that it goes to the greeter where onboard can be enabled) for unlocking. :muscle:

So for a tablet with no physical keyboard, "light-locker" would be the better option.

A con for light-locker is that it requires a running screensaver...i.e running it is not the problem but it has to be installed first.
Another con is the video artifacts. :face_with_head_bandage:

Whilst checking out these lockers I found I needed to reboot or logout every time as some keep running in the background.

light-locker is a bit more big, and aparently runs as a daemon... not good idea (more resources for nothing)

i3lock-fancy looks good to me

good point about the "visual things", but the other option is too ugly (and we don't want to have an ugly desktop in elive :slight_smile: ), i think that if the user leaves some important information on the desktop (in case its on a public place and somebody is going to put the face on the computer lol) should simply take care to "unlock + switch desktop + lock again" from its own common sense lol

Methinks in most cases that would be a laptop and should be caught by "suspend" on closing the lid.


Considering "i3lock-fancy" is a bash script around "i3lock": Maybe roll our own version/options ?

mmh, that's a different thing

if e16 can "catch" the close-lid event, could run a script then to "lock + suspend" (but again, in general terms it is up to the user to not show visual things on desktop that -could- be readable even in blur, but that's also related to "who is going to have access to that computer" too)

these things are more easy in e17+ too, since the lock is own integrted, includes acpi calls like Lid, and it doesn't shows any visual things... here our possibilities are limited, showing an ugly bg or a nice looking desktop locked

but in any case i dont think the next stable should provide e16 as desktop :thinking: or it should? sounds like a backwards step... not because is not good but because there's missing good features that elive had previously

for now i just added that command itself to the hotkey bindings (just i3lock-fancy)

It'll be a minor adjustment to my i3screenlock.py for me. :blush:

Seeing i3lock-fancy script uses scrot and imagemagick: I doubt it's very heavy on graphic cards.

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Tks again...Very usefull your script to dim my screen and lock it

how would you modify to script to use
xset dpms force off instead ?
This command seem faster / more efficient
I would like your script to use that command and lock the screen

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you want to do.
Do you want to lock and turn off the same screen simultaneously? :thinking:

yes lock and xset dpms force off

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OK I got it LOL
i3lock && xset dpms force off

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nope doesn't work finaly

Screen stays WHITE / Lock

Will have a look later .... the original script should actually do what you want.
BTW, if you want to really lockdown the machine (i.e disable the possibility to access the virtual TTYs on F1-F6) run "phylock -l" first. To re-enable "phylock -L" ..... you will need to install "phylock" with apt.

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Turn the order around and it should work for you. :happy_dance:
"xset dpms force off && i3lock" and to block F1-F6 too:
"phylock -l && xset dpms force off && i3lock"