Mendeley installed but not working on Elive3.0

I am having trouble getting Mendeley a citation manager running . I get the following error report on Terminal. Any Ideas
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found

Could you be more spefific in what version of Elive you're running?

I suspect it's 3.0.0 Stable and it could be, considering the somewhat older base system, you might either need an older version of "mendeley" or need to switch to one of the latest alpha/beta versions of Elive ...... if your hardware supports it.

How did you install "mendeley" and where did you get it?
If I do a search for mendeley in the buster repos, I only get:
xapers/stable,stable 0.8.2-1.1 all
Personal journal article management and indexing system

Yes I am using Elive 3.0.0 Stable since its for my class work so am interested in it not crashing during a class. I downloaded mendeleydesktop_1.19.4-stable_i386.deb from the Mendeley official web site and installed it with Gdebi Package installer which showed no dependency issues . But when I ran from the applications nothing happens . When i invoke Mendeley.desktop in Terminal it gives me the above not found message not found after searching for it in several locations.

I am going to get the source tar and try to compile it afresh instead

That might not be an easy task as clearly "mendeley" expects newer C libraries than Elive-Stable has installed.
Like I said, you might get lucky with an older version if it goes that back that far at all.

Cant i just install the new C libraries latest gcc++ compiler or something? The old Mendeley will not work for me missing to many important things

No, other libraries could/would break the whole system.
If your hardware is up to it, try installing the 32bit alpha version to be able to use more modern stuff.

Using a 10 year old Dell laptop , was so slow with Windows 10 and downloading all sorts of bloat and using up my limited data packages. Cooling Fan has stopped twice clogged with dust overheated several times. I doubt I can put another OS besides , I have downloaded and modified this Elive 3.0.0 installation so it's functionally just at the right sweet spot . I would hate to lose all that effort just for one small program. I will find an alternative.
Thanks all the same.

Well if it ran Win10 (albeit badly) it'll definitely run the 32bit alpha so it might be worth your while to download it and try. I've got older hardware (thinkpad X61) running 3.7.10 quite well.
Once you've got the .iso, upgrading it a next time wont be too big a data hog if you use "zsync".
Zsync will only download the differences which for instance in my case was only 7% of the whole download.
Maybe getting an internet café to download it for you and putting it on USB?
It is after all >3Gb download.

Anyway, glad to hear that you've got Stable exactly how you want it. :w00t:

The best/easiest way to speed up older hardware is to use an SSD as harddisk. We are talking speed upto 4x to 10x compared to older disks.

put an nvme in way to go really fast

I didn't readed the whole thread, but what I suggest you is one of these options:

  • use the beta version (at least for that)
  • create a chroot with debian buster and run it from it (there's a howto around)
  • compile it yourself and put it on /opt/ or /usr/local/ (hopefully working with the same glibc you have)

Will try the last two options, the first one is out of the question for now.
I found the mendeley tarball contains its own version of file , how about point the system to it with link command?

Don't mess with the system libraries ...... there be dragons there!
The "chroot" option is a viable one, I'd forgotten about that. :face_with_head_bandage:
Here's the HowTo:

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