New Opensource Terminal looks good

I wonder if elive will use this terminal design?

here is some reviews about it

It looks cool, maybe we could add it as an option?

I still prefer Terminology's default theme, but it does look pretty good.

And it's by microslop, so that's a major con. :madness:

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Actually it doesn't do anything that "guake" terminal or "terminology" can't do (wellllllllll ..... maybe powershell wont be as supported) and frankly I'd feel kinda dumb to have to run a terminal in "wine" on my Linux box. :madness:

So long answer short:
I very much doubt this'll be added to Elive.

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The design? :thinking:

In the second link there's a image in the top that looks like they copied it from Terminology lol, but if im not wrong, its a fake image and looks like the other ones?

In any case, do -we- actually know the terminology own features? :slight_smile: this deserves a howto entry:



I was only thinking of how the terminal looks. theme. perhaps

Terminology on Elive is more than enough! unless you are looking for more eyecandy in the terminal. My only wish is if the output data could be directly scrollable with the middle mouse button, just like you scroll a long webpage so one could quickly search the lines of data above

Ah, but terminology does do exactly that. :w00t:
As well as with my touchpad and 2 finger scroll. :madness:

As fallback you could pipe output data through "less" and scroll with page up/down as well as directly with shift and page up/down.

try to resize (ctrl + wheel) up your fonts and then switch to the "nyanology" theme :rofl2:


Just what the doctor ordered :star_struck:

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