Notes ( Xpad)

Most ( me)’ use Notes
I would put the xPad ( notes) icon by default in the Application Bar at the bottom

usefull and good looking LOL

Elive new motto LOL " Small details matter"

Screenshot brought to to you by Elive Shift Print Screen Custom App/Code LOL

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yeah, but is even more friendly (at least to me) to add the tool to your “startup applications” list :), so that you will always have it running

what i personally do is hit “alt + esc” and type “xpad” to run it when i need to write a note (then it is stick on my desktop until i shutdown)

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I use tk8 stickynotes

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found some MAc Windows versions
To be sure I use the same, where did you take it ?
It’s not in the default repository if I am not wrong
tks !

i used the windows version, with wine works greatly (make sure to update it and do not use the elive default one, is a bit updated)

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I just created this post about Wine topic: Suggest here "wine" applications

just curious, what makes you prefer tk8 versus the xpad one @stoppy98 ?

Nostalgia. My mother told me to use it when i was little (at windows xp time) and since then I’ve always been installing it on any computer. I was happily surprised when i found out it works perfectly under wine.
Just to give an idea about how nostalgic i could be: i have a PC with q4os (Debian buster based) which i turned (thanks to xpq4 and some sounds modding) into an exact clone of windows XP. Outdated cool look but a powerful modern heart inside eheh