Opera is missing?

Testing 3.8.1 I do not found Opera while in installer show check to install,
Any idea?

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Was it supposed to have Opera? Are you sure?

They did move repositories (I think) so the new one may not have Opera.

Or Opera is not supported by your computer or Elive?

I think there's no opera for 32bit, so if you are using 32bit you cannot have it installed

that is actually a bit difficult to remove from the dialogs as an option (to check if there's 64bit or not)

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So just add "not available for 32 bit" in the dialog text maybe?

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I know but I ask it because on Elive stable 3.0.6 (of course 32 bit)
I have instaled the Opera web browser..... version 45.0.2552.898 (as Synaptic show)
I have test it now in 3.0.6
My question is only way not in 3.81?

The current Opera on 3.8.1 (64bit) is Version:63.0.3368.94 there is no 32 bit candidate for that.

You can try and install the last 32bit version available of course. But you might hit some dependency problems there on 3.8.1 32bit....but then maybe not. :smiley_cat:

I am not sure whats going on but when i installed on amd computer no opera but on the laptop I have opera

I got opera installed I had to install from opera web page but once I installed it it had my previous settings from first install of elive so I guess it was something to do with the upgrade I did of the new beta of elive

They will be too bigger, the only option that I assume that works is to have different dialogs for different arches, but then the resulting options will also change so its needed also to parse them differently, hum!

Exactly, there's a 32bit version of opera for the stable version, because opera had 32bit versions until some time ago which stopped to make them available

This means, since opera has not really much dependencies maybe you can install the same version from the stable one, or maybe you will have libc6 problems, but in any of the cases you will have an old browser so i dont how much worth this would be

(just reading @triantares now which already replied that :slight_smile: )

Then simply "not for 386" ...... would that fit?

Or simply totally remove Opera from the Beta installer and let users choose themselves if they want to install Opera or Vivaldi ...... at their own risk. :thinking:

I definitely noticed that. I check-marked Opera and it didn't install. This was the case on two computers.

I think that if on 32bit Opera won't work we need to remove it entirely from the options on 32bit ISO.

You're right. There is no recent 32bit Opera candidate.

update: the installer will say more clearly about 64 bit only for 64bit only things

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Why so many efforts for that chinese spyware ?!??

its just an alternative browser, and in fact is the best lightest option for the elive 3.0 version (maybe palemoon can work too!), so in one of the computers i have in house is the only usable browser because of the low resources

Then Vivaldi would be the better choice,
methinks it's even more humble ( not sure)
but for sure more malware-free than Opera...

well, the different versions of browsers changes a lot in resources usage, old versions of firefox are pretty light, they become very bloated over the time

same with opera, the version from elive 3.0 is pretty light, but the actual versions (if im not wrong) are not so much better than other browsers

from an old tests that i did with vivaldi, it looked to be more bloated than the others

in any case, we are talking about the 3.0 version on which there will be not much changes (changes == leading to new bugs), so its up to the user to use different things by itself

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Spyware? I tried it out a while back (back when I used Mac as my main) and it never appeared in AV :thinking:

Opera is officially known as spyware,
not my idea at all.

Don't use that description unless you add the source of that information.
That's just as stupid as "experts say:" :imp: