Persistence features promoting

What do you think about this way to promote Elive features?

(video link updated to the last version)

on this case, the persistence features and how can improve your life traveling light

the idea is to put this intro video in one of those future "features" page in the website (of course with a longer description explained in text and similar things)

also, what other uses for this kind of video you think can be useful ?

How this video has been made: the video was recorded from an iphone, and video-editing from that computer itself of the video with cinelerra-gg, included on elive, and everything from a persistence session! :eyepopping:

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo

basically all the features of elive, like elive-tools, the installer, zsh config, and all the programs.

we also need a "tutorial" video for the basics of elive and where to find settings.

IMO we need a unified gui for all the settings, but :offtopic:

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Basically the “unified” concept is the “settings menu” lol, well it was more unique in el panel (yes it can be revived) but more easy to implement from the menus themself, and more dynamic

I don't want to be negative on the work. It is really great!

but ... As you may know, I am a professional audiologist (It used to be my dayjob, a few days ago). With this background I need to say: The music is awful!
Much too loud and very fast in relation to the spoken words. I've seen the video and got a heartbeat of 128 bpm (in fact it was 76, but it is very high for me while sitting).

Back to topic:
I don't know much about video editing, but in case of specific features maybe screencast will be helpful (and less music, if I don't mentioned it before).
For the persistence, the mobile video only is very good. But on the screen can't be seen much. Instead of the 'fisheye' part, I think a screencast could provide better impressions.

And I would like to offer transcriptions in English/German, if wanted.

Edit: to be some kind of productive at the music topic, there is a lot of free music at ... perfect for free projects.


The music is the one that I had on my usb available and it was not so bad (nice animated feeling), about video editing, it was not too hard but to “retouch” it takes some time heh! I could decrease a bit the music too, the audio is not very good and the colors are a bit problematic (for example mplayer does not reproduce those new format of colors well but mpv does)

Anyways the idea is more like an intro, something to show to the people like travelers for example to say “hey do you know that you can do that instead of carrying a heavy computer with you?”, more than a tutorial demo (yeah we can make video tutorials too but the idea of this one was a short story explaining this feature and how it works, which I assume is not easy to understand for those who never used it)

the youtube channel RoyaltyFreePlanet is a good source of synthwave, retrowave, etc if that's your thing. :nod:

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First we need the source code. :ohmygod:

But finding that is another topic. :shocked:

About the subtitles, yes I think they are needed based on the bad quality of the audio :thinking:, let’s wait for the final version upload to do that :slight_smile:

good to know, this music style can be quite useful (the one used in the intro persistence video is Swing style)

Oh my goodness gracious me, @LupusE is right. Watching the video for the first time, I can hardly hear.

Nice job tho, seems good. :+1:

Also, do remember that RoyaltyFreePlanet (and probably Jamendo) requires credit. You can see the description of the music you like what to put as the credit.

You seem to think that if something is easier to implement, the users will be fine with it.

They will not ! Right now even I, a pretty good Elive user, still has not discovered all settings.

This is not ok.

The users NEED to be able to find where stuff is.

I can do French/English. I'll start right now, with my 6 minutes left of break.

Done. I couldn't understand all words and I'm not a perfect translator so bear with me. YouTube auto generated English captions really helped.

Great Work @TheTechRobo, I've added some words in your transcription and added the German part:

Maybe I am not right at the name. In the outro is a credit for @tunderstorm. When I remember right, in Italian the u is shorter, like a y (or German ü, if you know the letter). So if she is called 'tun', is 'tunderstorm' her nick?

Even with my audiological equipment here and use of some acoustic filters, I only can guess some words. Her Name, her Job, ... But I think it fits good.

@Thanatermesis, sorry, I don't want to say the song itself is awful. It was just the use in this particular way. Means the volume (and maybe the speed, but this can be overseen ... or better overheared, if it is not so omnipresent).
As long as it is the only downside, and it is created 100% with Elive and a lot of fun, I would say: Great job!

And a question, that should have everyone here: Who is she? Is she a Elive Poweruser? :blush: (Is she maybe @Thanatermesis with a wig?)
No, without joking: I hope she get the information, that we all appreciate her fabulous work.

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is more related about the time required to spend (developing) than in the ease to implement (there's already a lot of work to do so the less time the better)

well, it is very easy and fast to implement a menu entry in the menus that runs an application (or configurator), elpanel doesn't give anything better than that, except that looks cooler / geeker / unique, in the con side, its much slower to implement, not dynamic (if you remove the application / configurator, the entry still shows in elpanel but unable to run it, and for some reason some users don't like it (maybe too geeky for them))

the menus doesn't do a bad job with that, the idea is more like "everything in one place" (launchers as applications or configurators, divided in intuitive menus)


some parts of the video are harder to understand the words but I tried to keep the volumes higher for these parts

yeah it was a small experiment improvised and the result is quite nice :), all made from Elive (new cinelerra-gg which is super good & better), and also: from persistence! (i don't have my computer with me these last days, so I'm experimenting how good I can work from persistence, so in fact the USB from the video is the real persistence system from where I work and from where all this video has been made, as we can see in the last scene of the video :smiley: ) let's see the next upload which improves in quality and a few minor things

I have been living in a hostel in the past months, which now became more active (in quarantine we were a few ones and was a very calm place), she's a traveler very friendly that i met here recently, quite active on instagram and she liked the idea to record a few scenes for make a video :smiley:

BTW she's also the one that I installed Elive on her laptop in order to make working a few broken (water stuff) keys on the keyboard, so I used that for write this howto too: How to repair broken keys in a keyboard cost-free on Linux


WAIT! let me upload the last video version (times won't change probably) and so we can create a correct subtitles, using "subtitle-editor" (or a similar software) so that I can add it to the youtube video directly :slight_smile: I wonder how easy can be to use google translator to translate the .srt file to other languages :thinking: at least to have a base made


maybe yes, elpanel was too geeky.

however, the mistake was flat out removing it. control panels are praised - can you imagine not having the $PATH environment variable? IMO this is just like that - you need to know where everything is to get everything done.

yes, but sadly the menus have too much stuff in them. it either needs to be better organised into smaller categories or we need a settings ui.

that is another thing, and is no difference than what can show up in elpanel, we need to take the stable version of elive as an example (and yes they can be organized better if they don't)

i should have it somewhere in my old backups (and hopefully being able to compile for a more than 10 years old source code of EFL lol), but that source code doesn't had anything too much special :slight_smile: except a creative geeky futuristic concept

I've showed this to my wife. She is also a acoustitian (active) and Linux user (but Mint).
Because she isn't very deep in computers, she wondered in which cloud the files are stored. Could she access them via her phone? ...

Of course I explained the 'persistence' as 'local files' and no need of network/internet ... But just as a hint, I'll drop this information here :slight_smile:

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I agree, elpanel in that form wouldn't add anything to the experience.

I also agree with @TheTechRobo that Elive really misses a proper central settings application.
I myself look that up as a first whenever I try out an unknown distro.

All distro's have a specific DE experience and after that it's only the settings manager that can give an idea on how the distro is thought out.

  • I had hoped we could integrate something like it in a "welcome app" (hitting 2 birds with a stone) but somehow that has never taken off, alas.

As to the promotion clip:

My son is becoming a film maker/producer and created some clips commercially as well as artistically....... I could ask him what his thoughts are, albeit I fear his criticism could be quite harsh. :shocked:

what happened to the retro e16 idea?

also, make sure to update my french translations, you know it better than I do and you know first hand the video.

elive-welcome was the idea to centralize that (or to use a welcome window for the first live mode), maybe a bit useless in the end... (do we really need that welcome thingy? hum), by other side, distributing the configurations between that "panel" or the menus is more or less the same (maybe more intuitive from a "panel" ?), but by other side, is much faster / easier to implement from the menus (if you uninstall the configurator / application, it doesn't shows up again, that's not the case for those panels, so they will still appear and thats not good

btw remember we are in beta and that distribution can be not perfect on the menus, we should use the distribution of the ones in the stable version as a reference

finally, yes a panel can be made with the final selection of configurators, and in the same time they will appear from the menus too which are also friendly to access (and users may found it easily because they also find the applications from the same menu, so they will see the configurators), so we will have duplicated configurators (i mean, available from different places), this is a good or bad thing? :thinking: :man_shrugging:t4:

but of course is good to remember that elive is nice offering a "different" and "beautiful experience" that we don't want to lose

api elive-welcome

i think is still working, can be used as an example, its easy to modify the launchers, but the problem (if this is a problem) is that elive should offer something more "nice and unique" like elpanel :thinking:

oh wait, we are going :offtopic: with the settings stuff , maybe we need to move it to a specific thread?

hey im not a pro lol

btw im thinking to upload the project somewhere so that people can play with it or to use as an example of cinelerra

maybe in fact elpanel could look nice in the "e16 retro distro idea", since its a little more geeky concept