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I thought you just said everyone hated elpanel.

An absolute first would be to make a list of the functions that need to be highlighted or accessed.

  • After which they need to be categorized (thinking different panes or tabs here).

It would quasi be like "kupfer" but dedicated to settings or system apps. "rofi" is actually better 'cause it allows a fuzzy search in the descriptions and is prolly easier to customize.

Which would bring up the GUI or UX decisions, like:

  • Overall look ... i.e menu bar or not, transparent or not, frame decorations (elpanel) or not, sound effects or not ...... as much as we want, or don't want.

  • which icon set .... flat or 3D, an existing one or our own, which color scheme.

  • where to put it .... in the menu, the panel/dock (which one -- I don't like cairo) or the systray

So frankly a "what", "how" and "where"

Starting a list of what I think should be in a settings/config app here as apparently somehow it got a tad silent. :madness:


  1. Touchpad configurator
  2. Keyboard layout
  3. Time - zone configurator
  4. Screen configurator
  5. Internet configurator and bluetooth
  6. audio config


  1. users conf
  2. software
  3. desktop settings (icons, docks, systray .... anything E16 conf doesn't set)
  4. Elive stuff (as in sub menu and include "donate")
  5. disks (could be in hardware too)
  6. Backup utitlity settings
  7. Power settings (like customizing hebernate, lockscreen,etc.)

Feel free to make additions or mark for removal .... whatever.
Do take into account that this is solely E16 oriented ..... E24 will have to take care of itself, for now.

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Have been looking into this, in Rust (would be a great way to learn).

Started a very rudimentary Rust pseudocode (not sure if it works - don't have a rust installation on my chromebook) that will infinitely loop "HI" onto the console. Plenty of WIPs. But a starting point. :nod:

use std::process::Command;
use std::process::Stdio;
use std::mem::drop;
fn runCommand(command: &str) -> &mut std::process::Command {
        .args(&["-c", command])
        //.stdout(std::process::Stdio::piped()) // set up stdout so we can read it
        //.stderr(std::process::Stdio::piped()) // set up stderr so we can read it
        //.stdin(std::process::Stdio::null())//set up stdin for nothing
fn main() {
    loop {
        let command = "echo HI";
        let process = runCommand(command);
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Sorry that I haven't had much progress on this today, I procrastinated the half month away on my science fair project. And editing is closed tomorrow. And these word count restrictions were ROUGH. :face_with_head_bandage:

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