PlayOnLinux betatesting required

Wine is a really nice application extremely useful
Steam is a very wanted one too

But Elive, also includes by default in the new versions PlayOnLinux, if im not wrong it is a frontend-gui that will help in the process to install any kind of Windows application, with own tweaks and features to make them working

You can found it on the Accesories -> Emulators menu

Question is, how much useful is to have it? it works? it helps? its useful?...

A betatester with enough free time and a good internet speed is required to try it :applause:, all the tests can be done in Live mode in order to keep his system clean!

  • Age of empires II works greatly on wine


I never install Wine and never missed any widows applications ..... so don't count on me.:rofl2:

I will try to find my Old Microsoft Games CD ( Age of the Empire etc...

Will get back to you

I think there are two aspects of 'Gaming on Linux'.

  1. Games on steam. It helps to setup Steam and than you should be able to play the games in your library, supported under Linux. I doubt it makes much sense to play Linux supported games under wine.

  2. Native games. Here is the real plus on 'Play on Linux'. The given installer scripts makes the handling much easier. Compared to the WineHQ HowTos, that needs to be updated every now and than.

If I find some time at home I'll try:

  • UT99 (GOTY)
  • HL1, HL2
  • Black Mesa
  • Portal 1, Portal 2
  • Hacknet

These are the only games I'm owning as physical CD (My Steam Library got not much more)

Maybe I'll give VisualStudio another chance on Linux.
Else there are some proprietary helper (Garmin express, Naviexratools, ..), that are not too complex, but won't run native unter Wine.

If there was possible to run Garmin Express using Play on Linux it will be merveilleux...

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if im not wrong, PlayOnLinux is a frontend which you don't need to download / install the software, it includes all the hooks and scripts needed for each software, probably "click and install" :thinking: (i may be wrong!)

but like i said, trying that from Live mode is just really nice without modifying your system at all

A nice cover up ist here: Gaming On Linux: All You Need To Know - It's FOSS

I know 'Play On Linux' is a Wine frontend. Or a bunch of scripts to use wine for non-experts.
But I thought it also provides 'native' installer scripts. This seems to be wrong, PlayOnLinux is a Wine frontend.

The interesting Part for me is Steam.
You can install Steam with PlayOnLinux under Wine and you should be able to install your whole Library.
But you also can install Steam native and than you'll only be able to install the linux supported games from your Library.

Black Mesa, for example, is much more fun on Linux, than on Windows. If feels smoother.

note: steam is already included in elive alpha's (64bit) by default

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I tried to install Garmin Express with Playonlinux, in 3.7.10-32 and systems try to install first M$ .NETFramework and while is installing it system hung up....

If I try to install first .NETFramework alone it happens the same....

Some months ago I could ran M$ Project 2010 with Playonlinux to test how it works and I was surprised because it ran very well...

note: "system hung up" can happen if you are running from Live mode (so you ran out of ram)

Yep, but is in installed mode, and I have at least 300 MB RAM free, maybe the problem is from 32 bit installation.... probably NET Framework asks a 64 bit system, I doesn't know....

mmh, this ram amount sounds a bit limited

I have 2 GB total and used almost 1,5 - 1,6 (I didn't remember), but probably is some shit in M$ NET Framework I think, they make all those thing as much opaques as possible even if it seems that NET Framework is sensed to be open source.....

Windoze?? Ain't using that nor Wine (exept in bottles :smiley: )


Yep, as announced lately..... :angry:

Age of empires II works greatly on wine

Idk honestly any time i tried playonlinux i found it barely intuitive and it mostly made huge messes rather than solving my problems... i think that if it does not work with wine there is little you can do (unless you want to go thourgh a tiny hell).

I tried different versions of visual studio a few months ago and i ended up using virtual box, none was running decently (and i went way back till 2005 if i'm not mistaken). Same happened with itunes (stupid apple made my ipod be obsolete. The new versions of itunes do not allow me to add music to it from windows 10 and there is absolutely no way to use it with linux).

There should be a way to play not linux games within the linux version of steam!

I doubt.
I saw something for this on MX Linux,
but can't remember now.
May be a way out...

There a re ways out for some ipods and devices, but for my ipod touch 4th gen there is not a way out i think. I do not try since 2018, that's true, but at the time i tried all the ways possible!
I will just run a virtual machine with windows XP

mmh thats true, i tried it too and not much success :thinking: so maybe is a good option to remove it by default from elive


Ahm ..... No.
Because it's better than Wine in many cases
( I don't talk about gaming at all, I mean Win applications )