Power Settings? - 3.8.11 64bit BETA


I just installed version 3.8.11 64bit BETA on my notebook and I need to configure it to not suspend, lock, etc. but I can't find the power settings.

Can somebody help me?

PS: The "Software App" can't update the data base and the software. I had to perform the update with the commands "sudo apt-get update" "sudo apt-get upgrade". If you need more info, please let me know.

Did you read this post?

And I'd certainly take a look at laptopmode-tools in the "administration" sub-menu.

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I want my laptop/notebook to keep the screen always ON (no suspend, no lock, no hibernation, etc.), so the elive-pm command is not useful to me in this case.

The "laptopmode-tools" might work, but I don't really know what I need to modify. I don't want to ruin my system. I will continue to try this tool throughout the day.

I wish there was a simpler and more intuitive way to modify the power settings.

Thank you very much @triantares !!!

I want the same for one of my laptops and actually never found the settings on E16, other than a few settings in laptop-mode tools and some command line tries.
A good power-management tool is one of the things E16 still needs

On Enlightenment (aka E23) it's less of a hassle albeit not a 100% either

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Then we should forward this for Thana's attention, no :nod: ?


On E23 its just in the administration category.

(I can't believe that when I first started on the forum I didn't want E17 or E23! E23 rules!!)

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In "settings" , "screen" there are "backlight" and "blanking" options. There's also a backlight option in "screen setup" there as well as a "do not fade" option for the compositor.
Alas I'm not 100% sure what and when they do their thing as it always requires some waiting if it does or does not work.
Patience is not one of my virtues. :imp:

Aye it does but I want it all ..... Both worlds :madness: