Pre-announcement for the beta versions

As @triantares said recently, the 64bit version should have a good preannoucement to generate impact, curiosity and expectations, I liked the idea

But actually for the beta versions I don't think that it should be made this way, because:

  • it is a beta release, unfinished (not polished, not optimal user experience) and the resulting impact would be low instead (since we use e16 specially)
  • elive already mentioned many times about a "future 64bit version" in the past, to write again about this would have a negative (boring) impact

So my idea is to simply send a massive newsletter saying "beta versions of 64bit ready", this would be then promoted in other websites automatically like distrowatch and have a good impact, but without the feeling of a "final 64bit version of elive", just like a release announcement. This would generate also an increase of donations

note: again, the actual state is beta and not final release, so the original idea of @triantares to have a big pre-announcement stills valid, but for a more mature (or final) version istead of the actual state :thinking:

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Well, yes I was always referring to a Beta anouncement as long as we are using e16.

Before we anounce I tthink we should add a light theme to the current e16 and give the user the option to run in either light or dark.
Personally I find the current dark theme unreadable with small fonts unless maybe I sit in a dark room with the screen as the only source of light. :grimacing:

hum :thinking: the font size are easy to modify, try to hack the theme from /usr/share/e16/themes/DarkOne, grep for "font" or "size" or "ttf" and you will se the size values (reload e16 to see the changes)

I do not want to hack the dark theme bigger ..... I'm saying we have to give a user choice as the current dark theme is not good enough for some.

At art school I was taught that people do not read the black fonts but the white around them. A white font on black thus looks much smaller and is harder to read. The adagio was to use them as little as possible to not risk tiring/losing your reader/user unnecessarily.
That adagio still holds methinks.

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