Pre-announcement for the beta versions

As @triantares said recently, the 64bit version should have a good preannoucement to generate impact, curiosity and expectations, I liked the idea

But actually for the beta versions I don't think that it should be made this way, because:

  • it is a beta release, unfinished (not polished, not optimal user experience) and the resulting impact would be low instead (since we use e16 specially)
  • elive already mentioned many times about a "future 64bit version" in the past, to write again about this would have a negative (boring) impact

So my idea is to simply send a massive newsletter saying "beta versions of 64bit ready", this would be then promoted in other websites automatically like distrowatch and have a good impact, but without the feeling of a "final 64bit version of elive", just like a release announcement. This would generate also an increase of donations

note: again, the actual state is beta and not final release, so the original idea of @triantares to have a big pre-announcement stills valid, but for a more mature (or final) version istead of the actual state :thinking:

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Well, yes I was always referring to a Beta anouncement as long as we are using e16.

Before we anounce I tthink we should add a light theme to the current e16 and give the user the option to run in either light or dark.
Personally I find the current dark theme unreadable with small fonts unless maybe I sit in a dark room with the screen as the only source of light. :grimacing:

hum :thinking: the font size are easy to modify, try to hack the theme from /usr/share/e16/themes/DarkOne, grep for "font" or "size" or "ttf" and you will se the size values (reload e16 to see the changes)

I do not want to hack the dark theme bigger ..... I'm saying we have to give a user choice as the current dark theme is not good enough for some.

At art school I was taught that people do not read the black fonts but the white around them. A white font on black thus looks much smaller and is harder to read. The adagio was to use them as little as possible to not risk tiring/losing your reader/user unnecessarily.
That adagio still holds methinks.

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Ok, reviving back this thread:

I will need to write the public announcement for the 64 bit release, which contents should be included for this very-wanted-and-waited release?

or maybe only tell about "new beta versions!, so websites like distrowtch that will annuonce it will need the download link and only the 32bit one will be included publicly :thinking:

That is a hard choice.
I think "only" 32 bit for free (it can be installed on 64bit hardware anyway) has my preference.
Is it an idea to use GoogleDocs for collaboration? I've already got an account. :wink:

Let's try this one, open to anybody to edit:

the point is:

  • a new updated release of elive is a GOOD thing to announce
  • a 64 bit version of elive is a GOOD thing to announce

they are 2 different things, and can be announced independently, this could also be a good thing for increase the publicity :thinking:

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So anounce it. It's not like the 64bit is a new regime if we're asking a donation.
Those wanting to Beta-test can start off with the 32bit and after a while (if they clearly contribute) get offered the possibility of freely downloading the 64bit

After all there is no clear difference between 64 and 32, excepting certain apps like the webbrowsers not offering 32 bit anymore. :frowning_face:

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And for what was the "PR - Team" then ?
Best of all:
".... I will need to write the public announcement for...." - but dunno what to announce (in sense)

This made me "happy". :face_vomiting:

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Keep yer nickers up, matey.
There's no content at all in GoogleDocs, yet. So go right (or write) ahead. :rofl:

If there's no text, there's no announcement .... there has to be a start somewhere.

Anyway all bets are off if 32 bits will not upgrade properly. :scream:

I hope this is only me ....... or temporary.
But that install is totally borked. :shocked:

thats important to describe too, in fact i recently added this info (missing anything?), but there's a good amount of differences! @triantares

this is the normal list:


and for the 64bit VS 32bit:

thats why this has been added :slight_smile:

unfortunately a "well designed email" is much better for define an announcement message, but in any case the shared document can be used for add or improve the contents

unfortunately i cannot know what happened there, at all... the only possible way to know it is by always proving the info of "apug" before to upgrade, specially / basically when there's something that wants to be removed

unfortunately i do so many tests / updates that none of my machines has a old version like 3.7.5, but i recently upgraded pretty much an old install of vbox (i dont remember the version), my main computer also has 3.7.9 (base install) and everything updated correctly.... so well, i cannot know what happened :confused: , another suggestion for virtual machines is to make a snapshot before to play something dangerous (or that you -just- want to recover the state later), but don't keep snapshots saved for long time, they slows down the machine over time


but before to start writing the announcement, which points we need to say on it and how? suggestions? comment here

Will come back to this intensively on the weekend.
We talked about this earlier, btw :ohmygod:

i dont remember :slight_smile: too many topics and too many work, too few brain cells to store all the information, and for much that I request them, Fnac still don't sell external brain hd's :thinking:

I have made a small draft of the doc announcement, but more like an idea about "what it should include / say", i should check my terabytes of notes to see if i have something / considerations noted about this somewhere

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Ok so this is my actual idea:

  • announce (publish) the beta version like it always has been before 3.0 (with changelog and features)
  • wait a few days
  • send a massive newsletter telling about the 64bit availability and the new features

Well, it looks like the anouncement is already there ... as what we saw earlier on.
So the newsletter should be ready also:

Do you mean massive as in "a lot of recipients" or as in " a lot of text/information" ?

both, but more specifically "recipients", so this means:

  • send the normal "beta" announcement (a release notification) like it was always before (there only a % of subscribers to this list), with most of details of the new versions
  • send after, a massive announcement to all the mailing list, with the same but maybe more details, and some extra nice texts and descriptions
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Am thinking about a press release with the character of a information about the stage of the new (& unknown) 64AMD Elive ....