`pure' zsh theme

I didn't make it, but I found this zsh theme by one great developer (but not as great as @Thanatermesis):

Pure: Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt

In my opinion, it's about second-best to sorin. It's pretty beautiful and simple.

Maybe we could think about adding it? Thanks for reading!


As you can see, there is a slight bug, but that is probably my doing, I'm terrible at configurations :man_facepalming:


I honestly love the configuration in elive. Tho i will note it down for my servers! (@Thanatermesis or can i install yours in some way?)

yes :slight_smile: but why to have "another theme" if we can integrate the good features of other ones in our main theme? :wink: if you use the vanilla theme that elive uses you can see less features, elive added more

in any case, for that we need to first list the features that this theme has that could be good to integrate in ours (the ones that we already don't have), that's a bit difficult also because not all the features are good to have (that would end in a saturated terminal), so its needed to pick the really useful ones, if you edit your .zpreztorc file you can see that 2 nice features was disabled because they were less annoying than useful

yes you can, in fact this is the idea that I have since long time about "elive for servers" (not a distro itself but more like an installer of the elive features for them)

btw there's something strange in your screenshot @TheTechRobo :thinking: I assume you don't see it but only appears on screenshots, have you see that @triantares?

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This would be awesome

Which one? The really crappy backgrounds (like the one behind the usb)? The looking-like-the-worst clock in existence(crappy background) ? The unreadable CPU frequency and thermometer? ...which part?

Yes, there's something wrong with the transparency rendering of the icons.

Then again, these icons aren't the ones that come with the default Enlightenment, they remind me of older themes (and icon sets) like those used by rpill in his pclos E19 light theme. The icons on the ibar are the default ones, though.

Maybe @TheTechRobo created a sort of combined customized version or replaced the icons or .... there's a composite setting that's not working correctly. :thinking:

I did notice, on bringing in elive customized zsh to Debian Bullseye on the PineBook that I get an error on the "file-not-found" function... for all the rest everything was hunkydory. :1up:

No, this is perfectly visible most of the time

Well. I never installed a different set, so :thinking:

Probably that because i did none of these

try changing the composite settings from "opengl" to "software" or vice versa...depending on what you've got now.
These are my current settings:


Your hardware might not be able to or a gpu driver issue

I stand corrected, they are indeed the current default icons.
My memory failed me as I'm back on E16 to see what needs to be changed pronto before we send it out into the wild. :runaway:

Where are these?

left click anywhere on the desktop, scroll down to "settings" -then choose "composite".
Check out E24 knoown issues:

I think you will like this one even better.its called 'xiong-chiamiov-plus'. The colourful contrasts and detail this zsh theme offers is so pleasing to the eye , my eye at least . Its from the ohmyZsh github or something along with other themes. see the link below Themes · ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh Wiki · GitHub


Any Mac user know what that xiong-chiamiov-plus font name is? My zsh theme on Elive does not seem able to load it.

That's an old version of macos :rofl2: :rofl2:

Dont worry, I use 10.7.5 Lion when I'm not using elive :madness: