Screen Configuration

Tks for the new Screen Configuration tool that is a lot better ! It does the job as we say…

After 3.0 is out, it would be cool to improve or " replace " the actual method to deal with multiple screens.

1- SAVE AS profile : whebn we save the screen congirutation profile, there is an open button that is confusing (it should be save)… We need to provide a profile bame and click open and it is “SAVING” into the file we open… SAVE would be more intuitive

2- DEFAULT SCREEN : After we saved the profile, it is asking us which screen is the default. Even if I choose my right, HDMI screen, because I want to Applications BAR ( Panel) to be there. It stays on the left screen

3- MOST SCREEN configuration panel in the WIn, mac, Ubuntu world, do not ask you to SAVE a profile in a file… Once you set it up like you want, it will just SAVE it and make it the default… THat is more intuitive anbd simple common sense.

4- with actual method, if we save a screen configuration file, for any reason if we change our screen, remove one ( physically), at reboot, there is some error message from the configuration tool,… If it can’t find the 2 screens that were there before rebooting, it would be more 2018 / intuitive to simply default to something possible ( like most OS handle that same situation)

Just trying to improve Elive…

1 & 3

This is because it uses an extra tool (arandr) for the specific configuration, everything else is an elive tool that acts as a wrapper and extra-feature (like primary screen, load on start, etc)

run “apui elive-tools” and then configure a new screen setup (in live mode better for tests), it should correctly send the gadgets to the correct place now, tell me if is not the case

Can you tell me the exact error message so i can find it?

What is the exact error/problem exactly

And so if you run the configurator again, there’s not your extra screen showing on it?

ok now working. We can default the right screen! Tks

1- Save config with 2 screen
2- rebooted with 1 screen
3- It is asking if I want to use my new congiguraiton I replied YES
and this appear

So if there is a way to make it just default to something, if the physical configuration has changed, it would be cool… but it is not that big of an issue…

After saving config with one screen, just found out it is asking for the PRIMARY screen if we only have one screen… should not ask but that is not a big problem

If you play in a VM,
1- Boot with 2 screen ( vm screen) save a 2 screen configuration with your screen configuration.
2- PowerOFF,
3- remove from VirtualBox one screen and boot.
You’ll see what I am talking about

Or the opposite…
not so much headache… but could be more intelligent for non experienced or no patient users

The code is already made to ignore when the screen is not connected, but seems like there’s minor issues:

it is not detected when it is asking for a new conf found
it should not ask about if we want to use the new conf if we already said to use this configuration at desktop start previously to the reboot when we configured the screen

I will need to do a few tests here to fix these parts

fixed (apui elive-tools) :slight_smile:

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Improvements / Fixes:

  • improved selector of primary screen including resolution information (VGA-0 was not enough for humans to identify which screen is)
  • all the previous reports should be fixed now
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Can somebody betatest this?

  1. apug
  2. load the ecomorph (special effects) module, check that special effects works
  3. configure multiscreens
  4. if you have more than one screen connected, it should automatically disable the ecomorph feature and inform you about it

Note: the reason of the disabling is because ecomorph bugs in more than one screen, in other words, it doesn’t know how to manage this correctly

What is working well :

-Opening the screen configuration tool, turned off Ecomorph and explained me why

  • after the config tool open (screen config tool)

Then it became complicated ( I will do more test later today )

  • when I was applying my config, one of the screen became inactive, I had to go in the menu to make the screen active
  • also, the application bar in the middle, was on the 2 screens after I choosed my right screen as the PRIMARY
  • went again in the tool, try to fix that and again lost one of the screen…

Will do more test later and document…

I tried from a USB stick, not from VM
I used a 2.9.97 stick in which I ran apug and also apui elive-tools before my tests.

Hum… it sounds like a bug related to the “state of your desktop”, just in case, I added a “reload desktop” after the ecomorph has been unloaded, but this is a bit tricky and requires also 8 seconds more

  • Updated version to see if solves the problem

Update2: I reverted the last change because the module ecomorph already includes a desktop reload after 7 seconds to have been unloaded, so useless to put here another

so hum…

Well, I did some more improvements, I hope that all it works good now :slight_smile:

I was testing laptop + extra screen, and I have not see that “deactivated” screen, except for the case that:

  • computer has boot, with both screens connected and displaying contents
  • but after the desktop is reached, in the case that the multiscreens configuration was not loaded (you said to not load it or, the tool was broken unloading it until the last version), the desktop is set as normal and no multi-screen mode, which, deactivated the screen
  • so then the configuration of the screen didn’t show, and that can be confusing (how to enable then the screen? i dont remember how i did it in my tests in fact lol)

But seems like now it should not give more problems, im going to do my last tests here now…


  • last changes includes a “always reload desktop”, like for example in every new boot, it happens like 3 seconds after the desktop has started, it can show a little annoying small, fast “visual black glitch”, but it ensures that the desktop correctly has the distribution of the elements, like bar and gadgets
  • In the case we select “I dont want to load this configuration at start”, and both of your screens are connected at boot, you will still have both screens working, but not with the specific conf you have set, like: which one is primary, resolutions, and positioning… this is because the system by default boots and uses the screens found (but not with our tool, is just a OS default thing). So the only way to NOT have the second one enabled would be to specifically use another conf with a single screen to force single-screen use, even if i dont know why we would want that, but can be… in any case the tool allows that too

So about the second point, I wonder how much needed is the option do you want to use this configuration at every boot?, we should make the tool always consider it as “yes” without ask? hum…

Did a quick test 2 minutes ago
booted from USB stick with last version of ELive
once in Elive, APUG
(I also did apui elive-tools )

OPen the screen configuration tool
It turned off Ecomorph as expected
Configured my 2 screen to be one next to the other
Save a config file
Closed the Screen tool and have been asked for primary screen
After choosing it, my right screen was not the primary, the application panel at the bottom of the screen was on both screen, and was not able to move my mouse from one screen to the other ( was in mirror screen config)

Will be able to test later tonight or tomorrow.


  • “primary screen” means the screen where will be most of your gadgets and also the dock bar
  • if you were unable to move the mouse from one screen to the other, it may be because you were moving it to the wrong “corner” ? (if you expect the other screen to the left but is configured to the right, its in the oposite direction in fact)

In other words, are you sure that you selected the correct “screen id” and not the other one?

I am 99% sure, will make more test tommorrow when not on the rush


Just installed Elive on my SSD WOW fast LOL
So Ubuntu on my 500 gig SSG and ELive on the second SSD ( 120 )

The screen tool is really not working well, sorry to say LOL

I’ll film ( record) it tomorrow and you’ll see from your own eyes what is happening

Talk to you tomorrow

I sent you a dropbox link by email ( could not send it here) of the screen configuration problem I have with 2 screen