Sections (names) for categories in the forum

The names used in the categories needs to be pretty clear and understandable by using a single word, so that the user will know inmediately what is this "section about"

Actually, I'm not very convinced for the names Communication and Publicize in the get-involved category


Communication: This one is more meant to be related to the correct using of the words, sentences, english, etc... but also "how a sentence is writed / communicated", for example it can refer to messages inside Elive OS which are not clear, short, or easy to understand. Or it can refer to sentences in the website which need to emphasize a more Emotional and powerful feeling, the way it is something communicated

Publicize: This is more related to a marketing aspect, growth-hacking (I think that this name would be more appropiated, but is not very known... but that maybe makes curiosity to check it out), and strategies, the way to make Elive more known, how to have a bigger impact, etc... it's more about strategic ideas than other thing

Note: In the future I will spend my time improving the marketing/promoting aspects of Elive (instead of spending time developing the OS), because it is a very needed thing, I will be happy if the volunteer people will help me on that if they have time, so I assume it will be needed a kind of specific section for that, I assume that this forum can do the work for these needs, like a team of collaborators to create impact on internet

Mentions: @jfbourdeau, @Rebel450, @triantares, @stoppy98, @LupusE...

Thinking ... :thinking:

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OK, count me in for collaboration. I'll chip in where I can.

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What about growth_hacking or strategies for the second one?

Not quite sure what you mean by growth_hacking but a strategies brainstorm might come up with a few ideas. Couldn't hurt. :blush:I'll sleep on it.

As you already write Marketing in the description. I am thinking this word describes it perfect. 'Growth-Hacking' is not bad, but growth is such generic and hacking sound very techy. Two attributes that could build a barrier to creative workers.

I always thought Communication means what you're describing in Publicise ... The texts are there. During my translations I've found a lot of 'sounds funny, but it will be understood'. My suggestion is to call this section eltrans after the very great tool, you've providing.

Lol, these days "trans" has gotten an extra dimension as in LBTQ. :blush:
Thinking in that direction elive_transitorium might be more appropiate and have a bit more weight due to the latin element. :thinking:
Sorry my bad. Evidently you're speaking about translations not transitions. :dizzy_face:

In that sense wouldn't growth_hacking be inter changeable with community_building?

lol, mmh yeah but eltrans is also very specific (and i dont think it needs much of an own forum section for it), communication is more generic about the meaning of communication, which is also more focused in the website for example, sentences but also how they are organized, what kind of info includes, etc... not specifically about the grammar (my new messages are much better written now since im reverse-engineering the power of google translator lol, but old ones stills around in the code, which sometimes I fix)

BTW I just added this small howto (but on the communication section, not in the howtos section :thinking:), about an amazing trick for eltrans: Eltrans: how to improve the english

SEO is also pretty needed, but we will need a section for that in the forum (in get-involved) :thinking: ?

For now I renamed the Publicize to Strategies, which looks like to be pretty good described this way

I like this one


wrote a tiny simple interface for instapy to easily create instagram bots in a few seconds, let's make some free advertisement on instagram?

sounds good :slight_smile: , can you create a specific thread for that in #get-involved:marketing ?

uuh if you are interested for real i should actually tide up everything first! My code is (of course) kinda messy :eyes: