Steam games works?

Hello before i try Linux withe ELIVE i need to know :slight_smile:
on windows i m using :

  • Oculus VR headset

  • Steam Gamming

    • Counter strike csgo
    • No man sky
    • Ark survival evolved
  • I musing PlaysTv to records my game

  • I m using Temrinals to connect to some rdp server for works

  • i m using discord for the comunity gamers

i seee only this for now

so if i pass linux i will lost all of this ?

At the moment elive linux is 32 bits only, and the steam 32 bis version is kinda messy, unless you adapt your system to be 64 bit compatible or run inside of it a newer 64 bits debian version (in this forum there are tutorials that explain how to do both, if u want to i can give you the link) you won’t live a great experience, especially in the case of no man’s sky which was compiled for windows only, so you’d either need to run it with wine or with the steam’s compatibility mode (which is pretty much good btw). Playstv (which i deprecate) does not support linux (and macos either if i’m not mistaken). you could switch to something opensource like obs studio (which is really great). What do you meanby temrinals? Discord is available for linux. If you use the most modern distros you will surely switch to linux without getting hurt too much, thought if ur main concern is high performance gaming you should rather choose a solution like a partition running windows and a second one running linux for work. At that point you would even get the best out of your windows partition since you’d be using it only for gaming, and so it wouldn’t get tarnished by everyday use.

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thanks for u reply

32bits for elive why?

evry computer ix 64x now

just for fun i will do it if u have a link to transfor elive 32 in 64 i will make it

because i love the elightmeent interface !!

i think about a dual booot, the problem i pass 80% of my time on gaming, so passing on linux :"(

i think is better to found a old computer to install elive, and using it

i don’t think i can use Linux for my principale OS, because of gaming.

thanks for u response

even ten years later, is still true

i m using elive at the first time, when i studiing

here’sthe topic lking about the 64 bit convertion, yu can find tutorials also on the debian official page (but you’d need to radically change your elive removing the official elive repos too). Unluckily i do not find the section in which @Thanatermesis explained how to run different linux versions within elive without the need of using vms :confused:

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In my world, there is more than just one tool for any solution. I could work on any screw with just one screwdriver (maybe I need to add a metal saw to get a flat screw, but these are details).

If you want to TRY Elive. I recommend to try it. If you are familiar with the basics (setup a desktop, using your favorite browser, …), you can go further.
But keep in mind, Elive is based on Debian 7.x, an older version. Most howtos you’ll find will be outdated or for Debian 9.x and up.

But there is a good chance you’ll just get the steam Linux-binary, install it and it will work … Than there could be some 3D issues, but no time to worry here. Without knowing your GPU and Linux knowledge it is difficult to answer this on whole. I don’t want to write this book.
and if we are here, remember Steam is saying they will bring the games to Linux, since the very beginning, there is a lot of work to do. only 13 of 35 games in my List could be installed at Linux. Also the Steam-Hardware is working with Linux, but the publisher still are windows fixed.

And if steam is not pleasing you, there is still the 'play-on-Linux Project, more based on Wine.
But this topic is so special and too much to discuss in an Elive Forum.

… and if these topics are covered, we can come to 32bit vs. 64bit.


hello thanks for all

what i understand compiz is not compatible with latest E22, so i think is the reason why using this old e17

but i prefer using last program version so i will go using bodhi linux

My heart beat for elive, but i really need solution with 64 system and all new program, not old.

thanks to all.

Well, that’s just the reason why the desktop environment is older. But that wouldn’t be an issue for steam… i mean, as long as you have a windows manager you’d be goog to go!
What @LupusE meant is that the os per se is based on an older version of elive, which may be the problem. The desktop environment is not really that much important (also because you can easily install any different one whenever you want to)

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Searching for the “chroot” keyword, it is there:

Yeah Elive needs definitively to be newer, which will also bring 64bit support and UEFI, this is a massive rework but let’s see if can be done soon! right now the priority is to grow the user-base, otherwise is not worth the work :work:

Yeah, as @stoppy98 says, the desktop is not the problem, the problem is that the overall system (packages / sofwate, drivers, etc) is old / outdated as @LupusE says, and using E17 instead of E22 has its advantages, that’s why Elive uses it, which is explained at:

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Hello, i m witing for this update for yeaaass !!

hope u will make it soon.

who is ecomorph maintenair ?
maybe we can contact it to make an update with E22 ?

because we can t continu to use e17 with E22 release

maybe only Elive

it’s simply not possible to use it on e22, the reason is that e17 has not a compositor and e22 has it integrated, so the WM / desktop depends of this compositor, in other words, no more than 1 compositor can run at the same time, ecomorph cannot run on e22 because e22 has already a compositor running

And anyway, if the features you’re looking for are in e17 already, has long as there are enough security patches (if it does even need any) i don’t think it is a big deal. Elive looks pretty much cool and clean already (i recently bought a 1080p monitor and damn it looks even better at high resolutions!). I think i will install it on my friend’s dell xps with 4k monitor next semester eheh

To Answer the question of this thread:

LANG=C sudo dpkg -i steam.deb



u can’t elive is too old

need an big update

and please no fork of e17

steam is included in the beta versions

I close the thread with this answer :slight_smile:

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