Systemd VS Sysvinit


Systemd is everytime more widely used, but could a good idea to switch to it?

Good things:

  • better support for newer software, compatibility, and management
  • faster boot
  • new standard

Bad things:

  • Increases insecurity
  • Increases complexity
  • Increases RAM usage, eating more resources (maybe not so much)
  • People tend to hate systemd
  • Making Elive over non-systemd (after 3.0) increases in a good amount the needed work

This list can be improved based in your opinions on this thread

What is your opinion about it? let’s debate the systemd topic !

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Personally, I don’t have any problems with systemd. Admittedly I haven’t completely mastered all of it either, yet. I suppose “Go with the flow” might be a good motto here as almost all distro’s have switched to systemd.

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