Systemd VS Sysvinit

Mmh, maybe you found something from:

cd /etc ; grep -Rne ping

But this will probably give you a lot of matches :slight_smile:

Too many indeed, but "ifconfig" is not too bad and shows the solution:

avahi/avahi-autoipd.action:60:elif [ -x /bin/ifconfig -o -x /sbin/ifconfig ] ; then
avahi/avahi-autoipd.action:62: # We have the old ifconfig tool
avahi/avahi-autoipd.action:66: ifconfig "$2:avahi" inet "$3" netmask broadcast up
avahi/avahi-autoipd.action:72: ifconfig "$2:avahi" down

seems like this makes it working back:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure iputils-ping

Improving the installer to automatically fix the ping thing (when you'll install, it will be updated and then your installed system should have it working)

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Any idea why that works?
Or better said: Why the initial configuration didn't?

read the install script (called when reconfigure):


Seems like it adds the missing configuration (setcap), but I don't know why its not done by default, maybe because something in the system changed (when installed) and then the setcap validation was removed (no idea how setcap works atm), which required to set it again. For example, the ssh keys of the host machine are newly generated on install, it would be insecure to use the same keys as the live mode (but even these, are regenerated on boot time), so who knows...

Note: after to grep for other "setcap" calls, I have added a few other packages in the installer to be reconfigured just in case they needs the new setcap setting :slight_smile: