Theming smplayer to look better

I found an easy way to change the appearance of SMPlayer and make it less ugly.

I could write some small how-to as soon as I find time, if anybody cares.

No decompiling and recompiling, and no KVantum themes; only time and will.

I think both other themes look very much better than the original clunky interface. Nice! :applause:

A "HowTo" is always a good thing and that "Darkness" theme fits very well into Retrowave. So yes, I care.
Frankly something like this should/could have been done a while ago using the available simple "smplayer-themes" package and some effort.

I'll do my best to write it as soon as possible; however, I'm currently lagging behind. I haven't even finished that SLiM how-to yet.

Dark and Darkness are actually the same theme.

Darkness I made in literally just a couple of seconds, and that's also why it looks so broken on the screenshot. It was just an illustration of how easy it would be to make a theme that fits Retrowave.

Making a distro look good and not just function is an important selling point, especially when one hopes for donations. Tiny details are what make a difference between a project and a product, and that's why I started this thread and the Thunar one.

De-uglify the SMPlayer how-to coming as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Well. Elive with E16 is not meant as a real product in any way, it's a temporary situation awaiting stability in Enlightenment development. Donations are asked to help keep up Elive development NOT for a finished product.

  • Which is also why Retrowave is completely free to download as a Stable release.

Donations or not, when offering or showcasing a release it should IMO, besides simply "work" for the designated audience, certainly have a consistent esthetic look&feel. That's something that always seems to come down to a certain trade-off between looks and functionality and ..... is also a matter of a sharp eye.
That "sharp eye" is a mea culpa on my part ...... I've simply never noticed (or minded) how bad the smplayer interface was as I always open my movies full-screen.....plenty of desktops after all. :innocent:

Esthetically there's a lot that can be done more consistently and certainly prettier, especially considering that Retrowave is being flaunted for it's retro looks.
I'm certain we missed quite a few more points....alas, there's only so much a small group can do in a short space of time.

I thought as much but I noticed that you have a (local) "~/.config/smplayer/themes/..." directory which allows user modification, whereas Elive (and Debian) has that (system-wide) in "/usr/share/smplayer/themes/...", requiring sudo privileges to alter.
How did that come about?

That's not an answer to the question.

Ask me after I'm done. :wink:

Well some people (not me) following this thread might want to know how to do stuff like that.
That's what makes the forums worthwhile: sharing knowledge.

Merely posting irrelevant images isn't going to cut it.

The image had a title too. It would answer...


That's true, the dark one looks pretty better

Yes, It was a need since long time (I was conscious about that in fact), a need just like the many others hundreds / thousands of entries in the TODO list :slight_smile:

Dark sounds like a good candidate, maybe with minor modifications, hopefully it doesn't has any bugs

seems like it is included in smplayer-themes since 2018 but the debian package still don't have it included, at least elive has not much difficult to do its own packages from git (like, cairo-dock & others)

You can do a generic "how to theme smplayer" howto (i mean, not specific to this theme), Elive should ship with a good theme by default so probably this dark one is the candidate

Nobody said the contrary :slight_smile: and in fact Elive has always put good importance on that

Yes of course, we have in fact a dedicated section for participate in improving the designs, which is #get-involved:designs

That image has no title're still beating around the bush and wasting everyone's time by not answering a simple question.
A question I asked, so that others can have some useful information, if they want to.
I don't know what you so desperately want to hide (and I don't want to know!) but it's making you look obnoxious.

Without any extra fiddling i.e the vanilla dark that comes with "smplayer-themes" would've have already been a lot better for Retrowave.

We simply missed that. :frowning:

That was my original plan.

You are not the brightest bulb in the shop, isn't it?

It's not about me, never was.

Read what's there, not what you think is there.

Update: for the next public build smplayer will ship with a few selection of best skins (other ugly ones removed, useless to have them), probably Dark will be the default picked one

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:exploding_head: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


(Nobody but you has issues with reading!!!)

Next smplayer look for Elive + with improved controls:


I was waiting for the bigger distro upgrade to see if smplayer fixes its chromecast feature, but seems like it stills not working, so now Elive introduced a new feature: Playing Videos via Chromecast to reproduce them in your TV screen in Linux

Ok, now it looks perfect :slight_smile: