Version of elive for only servers

good idea

Wouldnt be that hard, we just need to uninstall enlightenment and make an iso hehe

It would be ..... the intended people for a server on Elive certainly won't be seasoned admins so you'll have to make an installer that leads noobs the way, in setting up a secure and simple working server.

On top, how would an Elive server differ from Debian server?

The main difference from a Debian Server to a Elive Server would be the helpers.

  • Eltrans would be an improvement for the whole world
  • apug, but I am not aware of the advantages
  • you name it

Even if I am a Cloud administrator right now (AzureAD/O365), a 'server' is still bare metal with a local cmd, build for much hardware with at least a https interface.
But today a server is so much more. LXD, Docker, ... Virtualization is coming.

And it is so easy right now to find a distribution, that will provide a special service. Or a service, that will provide working docker container. Who needs to know about security?

Once I've seen a Live-System for MapR (Big Data Solution). They give out a VCard with an USB stick, with a fully working VirtualBox/ESXi demo.
A few years after I've got this card, I worked on a virtual server, where they just put virtual hard drives to the image, changed the license key and worked in production with a 'demo' ... The reason is simple: There where a lot of BigData people, but the admins has had no time. So they got the Demo VM and instead of setup a whole environment, they just used what was already there.
My task was to see why it stuck. BigData with a standard kernel and 16GB RAM ... In the end it was just a lot of data, not BigData, but this is another topic.

This memory comes up often, when I'm reading 'Elive'. A live system in 'production'. Even as home desktop.

Even if I would be happy to have something as eltrans for more than Elive, I don't think a server should be too easy.


Ah yeah, good point.

The zsh/vim configuration. Sure, you can install ohmyzsh, but to be perfectly honest I prefer the out of box Elive prompt over my powerlevel10k prompt for my chromebook.

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