Video editing on Elive Linux Beta

Wanting to quickly edit a video (add a soundtrack) today, I tried out some of the video editors on offer through the repositories.
"Openshot" as well as "Flowblade" are on offer but ..... both are highly unstable and crash often.
On top i.e Openshot has a qt dependent interface, which by itself isn't bad but it renders horribly on Elive.
Of course there's "Blender" ... actually not an easy option nor is it made for simple editing in the first place.

Me, I ended up editing the videos using "ffmpeg" on the command line. Which I found fast and easy enough but I gather there are some CML-phobic linux users out there. :madness:
If anyone's interested, I created a text file with what I was doing (I always do that as a reminder) and put it up here:
This is NOT an exhaustive Howto only short jots by me, for me as I hobble along getting to where I want to be. Eventually it can be made into a Howto if there's demand.

The question is:

Who is using a video editor on Elive Beta and which one would/should be recommended or even installed by default?

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Do you want to edit or do you want to convert videos? :slight_smile: these are two very different things

for edit videos, aka mix tracks, add transitions, effects, etc... I always used cinelerra (already included in 64bit beta if im not wrong), which is extremely powerful and gives a lot of possibilities (maybe you must reconvert the videos to a compatible non-conflicting format first before to use them)

for convert videos, Im updating the script that I used in the past, it shrinks the video sizes up to 10x smaller with a decent quality, it uses ffmpeg and now with some harware optimizations, I may include (rewrite) this tool in Elive by default in the future since I found it to be extremely useful :thinking:

It's not there, nor in the repositories.
Not that I'm surprised as they have their own website providing the downloads.
Personally I think it's good but slightly overkill for simple editing jobs....where "avidemux" is a tad too simple. :thinking:
"mkv-toolnix" is nice but requires mkv files.

Converting videos is easy enough using ffmpeg and very fast.
But not what was on my mind here.


In case, there's OBS ; I didn't use it yet but it seems very good!
Of course, Blender can do it too..! :slight_smile:


"obs-studio" is in the repositories ("api obs-studio") and indeed looks very promising.
Will give it a go. :smiley:
Looks to be a "ffmpeg" GUI frontend and mainly focussed on creating content for streaming platforms, which is in general what most people have in mind.
The interface is uncluttered compared to other video-editors and renders nicely.

It does look to have a slight learning curve ..... but at least it doesn't crash. :w00t:

"Pitivi" also looks to be a good candidate (in the repos) ..... it's uncluttered, gnome oriented interface and hardly a learning curve. Albeit one does need to drag imported clips to the timeline where the audio and video channels are not very distinctly separated.

I was going to suggest Openshot - I'm surprised you've had issues with it. Don't recall any problems myself in Elive 64. Then again, I don't do anything demanding.

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Importing 2 files simultaneously kills it instantly. :shocked:

hhmmm. you seem to have something going on that i don't. I just imported several files all at problem. I'm using 2.4.4

I like Screen Studio
yes i know java
But on solid equipment it makes full sense
Functional, underrated by screenstudio users.
In some cases, it competes with
Overall review on my channel

Works satisfactorily on Elive beta 64
no objections

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Looks to have a similar functionality as "obs-studio" i.e is streaming focused, where screenstudio looks to be more like "vokoscreen" with some extra options. Like all the others it runs using "ffmpeg" except that this one needs a java layer to execute where obs-studio is python based IIRC.
I have no experience whatsoever in creating streaming content other than [live]streaming through vlc.

So: If it isn't a too big bother, would you care to compare both to one another?
You know, just give some pros and cons in respect to ease of use, stability and hardware usage....that would be great. :smiley14:

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just verified, it shoudl be included in the amd64 version of the beta versions, but the package is called "cin" and not "cinelerra" (it is a fork which should be better than the alternatives, but you can install the other ones too: "apse cinelerra")

ah yeah, avidemux is better if you just want to reconvert, which is included by default

this one is good for make a screencats, put your cam in a corner, add music track, stream the video, or just record it in realtime while you use it.. its very nice :slight_smile: but more like for a specific purpose

About other editors, i have tried all the ones that i know (pitivi, openshot, etc...) and the only ones useful (at the moment) are the ones included in elive 64bit, like cinelerra, flowblade, and avidemux (the second one is maybe not the most stable but stills the better candidate of all the other ones), of course im talking about multiple factors: stability, usefulness, features, userfriendlyness, etc...


~ ❯❯❯ apse cinelerra
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
~ ❯❯❯ apse cin |grep -B 1 video
WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.
cubemap/stable 1.4.2-1 amd6
scalable video reflector, designed to be used with VLC
miceamaze/stable 4.2.1-3+b1 amd64
video game with mice in a maze

Ah, should've grepped "multimedia" duhhhh! :shocked:

cin/buster,now 1:5.1.20190331 amd64 [installed]
Multimedia editing and construction

Note: there's an issue with "apse" which is "apt search", and before it was "apt-cache search". So the first (new) one shows results in multiple lines and the second one is better for parsing with grep and other commandline tools.

Maybe "apse" should be switch back to the old "apt-cache search" mode :thinking:

Note2: apse search for keywords, but if you want to search specifically for the packagename is better to use apsh which shows it. The funny (and sad) thing is that "cinelerra" is not included in teh description and that's why is not shown (even if is included in the homepage and maintainer lines :thinking:

I will try to record a vlog
two programs
on one yotube video :slight_smile:
Hard challenge :slight_smile:
But I can do it
My AMD Phenom (tm) II X4 965 Processor will withstand
As for Elive, I have no doubt:)


Here's the comparison
For Harm Bathoorn

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What about Kdenlive?

I edit videos on it and... the preview is a little laggy and the transitions/effects have a slight learning curve, but all in all it's my favourite :slight_smile:

Well all Kde stuff requires that a lot of basic Kde and Qt stuff need to get pulled in too, to install. So that's a bit of a downer
But then I personally prefer "krita" to "gimp" and that has the same downside. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I know, I wish it was like in the "recommended packages" category (not dependencies), Kdenlive can work fine without them :man_shrugging:

Nope, at minimum it'll need the Qt dependencies to have a GUI and a bunch of KDE libraries to function.

Ah. Should've done my homework there.

On a serious note, I thought you meant the Breeze icon pack and that kind of thing, Kdenlive can be configured to work without them.

In my experience I can't really see the icon pack (too white) so I always switch it to just text. :man_shrugging:

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