We, humans Are Creatures of Habits

After playing with DOS, Windows 3.11, the 1st Mac OSes, all the different windows versions, different Ubuntu distros, I need to share the following.

If someone does not like trying new things and/or is not open mind to getting used to a new or different way of achieving the same goal, he should stick to whatever operating system he had LOL Period :mwahaha:

Again today,I was making fun of Synaptics Software manager ( that most Linux distros have been using for years)… Who am I to say this tool is archaic and does not work well if I didn’t take 5 minutes to learn it !!!

Good manners apply to the internet too
In real life, If we were to visit someone else house as a guest or another country ( the last one is a better analogy), we would usually ask questions, listen to people, try to understand how they do things and why they do it this way and if we don’t feel comfortable with their philosophy or culture, it would be stupid to " pissed them off" asking them to change the way they do things, tell them they are stupid / idiots, to change the language they speak, ask them to change their traditions…

If we don’t like it, we just have to leave and go back home (to our old Home/OS). :w00t:

About ELIVE or any new OS you try
When we’re trying a new operating system, it is " NORMAL !!! " to sometime have to look everywhere to find how to do something using different methods (that could end up being more efficient with better results).

I consider myself someone with a smooth and nice approach to life, with people but, even a negative person would say the same LOL At some point, even a stupid person, will think he’s good, he’s right!

Since day 1, I " sometime" complained about this and that to @Thanatermesis and 9 times out of 10, I finally discovered that the Elive’s way of doing it, after I got used to it, was very very often easier, faster more efficient… Not always but most of the time

As a former user of several OSes mentioned above and after trying several distros, among them Ubuntu, Mint, Budgie that I loved, and several others.

Again I will say it , now that i know how to use it " Don’t remove Elive from my main Desktop that I use for work and for fun " or I will bite you :hot:

From the way you take a screen capture, configure your screen, configure your audio, open an app, change Virtual Desktop ( WorkSpace), install or remove something, I promise that if you give yourself time, Elive will become your home… Not for all of you, I am not insane, but for a lot of you…

I strongly recommend that we all behave as gentlemen on Planet Elive forum and before blaming someone or something, start by politely ask questions…

Tks to everybody who collaborated to the Elive project during all those years, I sincerely intend to be one of your many ambassadors to come on the internet and I wil be proud of it… Elive is now my baby…

A special thinks to you @Thanatermesis , for your STUPID emoticons, your imported from the old forum, I am slowly become addicted to them
:typing: :omfg: :shocked: :mwahaha: :excited: :music:



Lovely read

It remembers me the first-first “slogan” (to call it in some way) sentence shown in the first website and versions of elive, it was very loved by the people who liked Elive in the past

This is the sentence:

“Elive is not made for newbies. Elive is not made for experienced people. Elive is not made for enterprises or personal user. Elive is art. It is simply for the people who appreciate it and want to use it. Feel free to try Elive, because only you decide what you want in this world!”

Maybe it should be put back, and the download-stable page sounds like the better place

Ho Man… You’re loosing your time being a programmer… You should be a poet !

No joke I love this… ( If we can’t behave nicely on an operating system’s forum, don’t wonder why we have wars !!! ) Yea, I love this.

Didn’t wanted to offend you ! you’re an " Artist and visionary" LOL JaJaJa

lol haha, thank you :slight_smile:
quote added to the download page! :smiley:


.... well said!
(But I like the post as a whole, too)

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Tks !
JF Bourdeau Alias Yoda LOL When we had less than 5 users on this new forum, I created 2 accounts LOL LOL :typing::omgomgomg::whew::hot::coding::cheerleader::baffled::1up::madness::eyepopping::laugh:

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Thanx for the head Up !

(how does Yoda like my new avatar, btw)

Is it a Apple/Elive/Linux icon LOL ???
If yes, really cool and funny



but still it isn't perfect - it is a challenge to make it beautiful...

I am not good to draw or design stuff on a computer but it's because I didn't tried enough

I like it :slight_smile:

P.S. It is important to have fun in life... and we all do it in different ways


mhm, if you like I could create an unique one for you,
am quite good with that stuff...
All i need is a sample (to see) or just an idea how it should looks like...

May be not for here but be for my company in the future :slight_smile: To redesign our logo... will contact you in private when ready for that....

agreed :slight_smile:

Will do when time has come