Unwanted users & bad comments on internet (idea)

There’s a (rare) common behaviour in the open source community that annoy’s me pretty much (only a small percent of users, the majority is very happy with Elive as-is)

These are the people that, from a wrong concept of open source, lacking common sense, and having a distorted concept of life:

  • complains about the donation requirement
  • they demand (exiges) it to be cost-free, more updated, better, or any similar things (but they are not going to do / fund it)
  • they blame something that is simply cost-free (do you blame your friend’s gift’s in your birthday? or even in an offensive way?)
  • they behaves in a destructive way, speaking bad and saying things like “I don’t recommend it to anybody” (seriously: fsck you)

Despite the fact that making a download or an install leads (reducing number of downloads 3-4 times) to a lack of interest to try Elive (and so getting new users, which is needed), these kind of users (trolls, bloodsucker leech’s, and arrogant people) are just users that we don’t want to have, they are destructive (giving you a depressive / stressed / loss of interest, mood), conflicting, making bad publicity, and well… they cannot contribute in any positive way

They simply don’t understand that:

  • Elive has not the obligation, at all, to give downloads publicly to everybody (following the open-source, of course), in fact an open-source product has only the obligation to give the source code with the product (so, not giving the product incomplete, without the source code)
  • Elive has not the obligation to give the product cost-free, in fact, free software motivates you to charge as much as you want
  • They don’t have the right to demand / exige for anything (unless you are buying a product and that should follow some rules), and Elive is not your mom to ask for money and food everyday, and if it was your mom you don’t have the right to demand anything too! (seriously: fsck you and stop slaving your poor mom)
  • We don’t have the time (nor want to) be annoyed with people like these and their annoying behaviours, so please go to close yourself in a deep cave and create a double personality to play with yourself

The problem is that these bad comments replicates over the internet and Elive got a bad reputation over the time (even if Elive never restricted anybody to use Elive, always provided it cost-free for anybody, and even implemented with its own funds features like to skip donation process when the user connects from a poor country… without having the obligation to do any of these)

I’m so annoyed about these leechers that I’m thinking to make a special version of Elive that will be provided only and strictly to the people that loved Elive in the past, (while explaining clearly in the website these points, the reasons of why that version is not for the public, and the “why not?” and the who you are to say "you cannot do that" ?)

It sounds a bit crazy idea? maybe, it sounds funny to me, do you think that this could create a disturbance on internet? well, that could be funny too lol

What’s your opinion?


@jfbourdeau @stoppy98


Interesting idea.

I like the idea of making Elive VIP.

Several goals could may be reached : it is almost some marketing strategy ( not all people will be eligible to get it), you get rid of people complaining, at some point is it almost a contract! By using Elive, you acknowledge that this and that ( so you won't be able to complain about 64 bits, kernel, this and that)

I don't say I am 200% it is good but it is interesting... It is sure a lot of bloggers would talk about it LOL You would get the attention of the open source community... I don't know if the the saying " that people talk of you in good or bad, as long as they're talking about you" is good LOL but you would get exposure lOL


As I have studied Buddhism, I would say, never take a decision, especially if important , when you are in an " emotional state ". 90% of decisions made during an emotional state are not good or sound / clear decisions and actions,


“Since Elive is made with Love, it will be only available to who loves Elive” sounds like a good slogan for it lol


Well I think it's true. Being completely free, I don't find the reason why someone should be so harsh. Note the downsides, suggest upgrades, that's fine and even good and constructive, but tell also the upsides. An operating system is not less important than the hardware itself, if someone gives you a free computer, would you say this?

I don't think, maybe tell "well this this and this does not work", but do not be harsh. It's free!!!!


I have a HUGE problem! I have a LONG list of items that I want to purchase over the internet. I never use Plastic, Ebay , Paypal. I can use money orders or cash. It is NEVER the money! It is ALWAYS as in opposite of NEVER… MY electronic PRIVACY that is important. So what to do? Bitcoin is not really trustworthy for this purpose. I tried prepaid plastic but ALL of them require a Social Security Number name and address. NO WAY IN HELL. You deserve to be paid and I DESERVE TO HAVE ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. This is why I do not use OSX or Windows. I am very open to discussion and have ZERO issue of remuneration but I go ballistic when I get hammered with SPAM and marketing crap even so-called “Government Surveys”. I have NEVER ever asked for a “refund” but so many vendors are wary of “refunds” that it kills the privacy of all of us. So please believe my position that is unstated by thousands. HOW TO PAY with PRIVACY as the supporting factor? CASH, MONEY ORDERS, all work for me…

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I forgot Patreon is alleged to also not be :“neutral or private” I have heard that they also have hidden policies and rules. Once you give them your information THEY OWN IT…and anyone else they give it to…

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you’re just a bit paranoiac… but i get your point and i’m curious about it too. that’s kinda the reason why i do not subrscribe weird services like hype or yap

Stoppy98 I am not paranoid in the slightest. In my profession as a government investigator. Extracting information about a target is as simple as squeezing orange juice from an over ripe orange. The first rule as a government criminal investigator is: EVERYONE IS DIRTY !! Repeat it again EVERY ONE IS DIRTY! I don’t care who the target is, when I receive an assignment I do not question it. I can ALWAYS find something or even just innuendo that can embarrass a target. Do I care if the law, statute, code or policy was violated? Hell No! There are tens of thousands of new regulations that no one can keep up with. It is said that a federal Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich. Yes this is true. All of us are guilty until proven innocent. I know of one defendant who went to federal prison for TWO years for? Sending a bouquet of flowers to a government employee! You are NOT paranoid enough! Most laws exist to allow those in power ( government and others) to subjugate anyone who does not have enough time, health or money to hire attorneys who will have to defend bogus indictments and charges FOR YEARS. If the target “wins” we charge it/him/her again. This is perfectly legal as long as we don’t investigate a bureaucrat above us in the organization or We become their new target.

i feel lucky enough for not living in your same state with your same justice system D: @Pizzalinux

Where do you live ??

Im doing a bit of cleanup in the forum (removing negative feelings), should be this thread be removed?


I don’t think so. I can’t see any negative mood in this conversation. Every writer has put some brain in the texts to share his/her view.
And for the ‘new’ Elive users it is not bad to see here, that this topic is taken serious.

If you removing this thread, some contributors may think 'Why should I think about what to write, a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is enough if its getting deleted anyway.

Plus: Here is a perfect place to point and discuss the vibes in other treads, without take the original tread offtopic.

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Yeah we don't want to lose time again with this (the banner message has been improved too) nor explaining again

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Btw I removed a good amount of "bad mood / feelings" posts in the "release 3.0" thread (and their answers), which also didn't sticked much to the topic, feel free to delete other posts too or flagging them in order to keep a clean and nice forum :slight_smile:


Hopefully @triantares is not reading this
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