Website redesign ideas

A friend just did a small sketch of an improved concept for the website (design / UX improvement), the result is really kewl :eyepopping: simple and clean, direct for what is meant to be...

The computer looks very retro which im not sure if is the optimal for the normal Elive version, but for sure looks cool for the E16 version (also the screen uses the E16 version on it) :applause: :happy:


that's epic. would also be a good starting point for a less confusing menu system

yeah, but since so many changes requires to be made in the menu (I want to add a Features big sub-menu too), it will be re-brainstormed what things to include

Which would be very nice combined with a Retro-snapshot available.
It's so retro nobody (in their right mind) would think this is a serious target machine. I like it. :mwahaha:

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BTW, what happened to the

thingy? It would allow us to fix wording/spelling/grammar much easier. :slight_smile:

Hum ..... just a hint:

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been there, suggested that


yup, this is planned for the new (next) pages :slight_smile: of course is useless to fix the ones that are going to be deleted :happy: , it was always difficult to make this work since wordpress is so buggy and error prone, where if you don't know all the details, you end having lots of unexpected things and elements broken in the site, but i think I found a good solution for the wording help :wink: just wait for the new pages will start to be created (fixing emails first important task)

plausible? didn't hear about that... actually Elive site uses google analytics AND piwik (matomo), i had both because i -still- not very good on SEO and I dont know which one is better (seems like the second is enough good for all the needs! more friendly in any case), the problem is that if i disable one of them, the statistics will be stop to be collected (and then, they cannot be compared with older ones like for example, when you change the contents of a page to see if is more intuitive, etc...)

but for the future website changes yeah, it should be picked one of the two and not both (it decreases speed performance), and probably the second (which has been already used for years) could be hte option

back to the topic and...

UPDATES in design:

More design ideas by Armel :slight_smile:

They should join the forum. Im sure they'd bring a lot of goo dideas to the table. :smiley:

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