Why does E16 feel old fashioned?

Interesting. :love:

Aside that the '80s was a long time ago (2000s would be more accurate), I have the same "feeling" but cannot put my finger exactly on what causes this.

  • Window borders?
  • Desktop layout?
  • fonts?
  • dock?
  • E16 settings widgets? (I've got a leery eye on those)

It might be interesting to start a new thread on the subject.
That way we might catch some points that can be changed to enhance/morph/theme E16 into a more modern one.
Or at least make it apparent that E16 and E23 are related and viable options to one another on an equal level. :thinking:

Now that you mention it , I cannot put my finger on it either. E16 just works out of the box. Most things are predictable while E23 is unpredicatable. You cannot explain certain occurances, like how the dialogue boxes( do they still call it that) for settings seem compacted together so that you cannot reach some options. There is no means to expand them except scroll. Despite all this, E23 feels futuristic , may be it is just a psychological mind set . I will look again.

In the meantime , just wondering what if i uninstall network manager , would nmtui still be able to manage my wireless connectivity alone? NM seems to interfere alot

Hm, probably yes for me. They look thin, and you used to see a lot of thin window borders. Nowadays everything's thick.

In [Elive] 1.0 yes but nowadays it's not really. I mean maybe a little but not too much for me.

YES, Cairo-dock looks a bit "outdated" maybe not 2000s but definitely old


Idk what you mean by that.

funny enough i like the "outdated" look and feel of e16 idk if i would use elive without it


I definitely agree! :slight_smile:

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Aside from agreeing that E16 is definitely a "must-keep" option for Elive IMO,I do have a gripe:

I find the default top bar (with the text and the 4 buttons)too small to be nicely workable on my laptops.
Most of my laptops have a WQHD (2560x1440) resolution so are actually quite hard to manipulate.

My question:
Do others have the same feeling, i.e should I put some effort in creating a supplemental theme with larger top borders?

And if so: How big? Gnome style BIG or reminiscent of Stable E17 top borders?

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definitively you will like the next "special release" :slight_smile: keep updated!

Yes I agree, I would say 3x times bigger (2 can be not enough, 4 too much see the sized example to get an idea):


To create that theme I think we must hack the actual theme images to make them 3x bigger in every aspect (which is not an easy thing if we want to keep it a beautiful look, but maybe resizing them up can be enough?) and then modify its theme files to increase 3x times its sizes / positions where is related :thinking:

BTW this command scales-up (resize) images keeping the best quality possible for that purpose:

convert -colorspace RGB +sigmoidal-contrast 7.5 -filter Lanczos -define filter:blur=.9891028367558475 -distort Resize 200% -sigmoidal-contrast 7.5 -colorspace sRGB image-in.png image-out.png

I'm fairly sure that'll be necessary, which is why I sort of tried to fathom if there were others who'd be interested or want it. It'll be quite a job the first time, with all sorts of unexpected changes.

Maybe it can be done by simply adding another border-syle to the theme, like in the E16 Tutorial for the pager border :thinking: