Why Elive 3.0 has old software & drivers

Elive is mostly made by a single person, more than 2500 own packages are maintained, the amount of work to make Elive a ready and polished system is really big, this version 3.0 has taken a good amount of time to be finished and if we update all the system it will require a lot of extra time to make 3.0 to be released.

For this reason:

We want to release the stable 3.0 as soon as possible, in its magnificent result, and move on quickly to the next development step, to have:

  • 64 bit
  • UEFI
  • Updated software & drivers

This will happen after the 3.0 version is published, starting for the next betas

Ended support?

Since it is based off of Debian Wheezy, is the support ended? Short answer: No.

Elive provides its own packages and repositories, even if Debian is not going to update them with security fixes Elive will take care of this, if something needs and update you will have them directly in your system, also Elive features its own update features, fixing your system in case something needs to

As you can see by yourself, trying to update or install packages in a Debian Wheezy installation is not possible anymore since these repositories has been deleted, Elive uses own repositories which are not going to be removed for a very good amount of time in order to keep the system fully functional.

In fact, you can try yourself to run the old 2.0 Topaz version of Elive (which is based in Debian Lenny) and you can still use apt-get to get and install every software on this more than 10 years old operating system, this is an amazing thing for those who want to use that nicely polished old piece of work to put on their dinosauric computers!

Can I update things by myself in 3.0 ?

  • You can install any software that you wish compiling it yourself, it will be installed in /usr/local
  • You cannot add different repositories unless they are made to work for the wheezy branch of debian, otherwise you will break your system in an incompatible set of dependencies, changing the default repositories of Elive is not suggested at all


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is why i m not using elive; old version no please

but u make so cool works

The next versions will have 64 bit support, newer kernel, newer packages, UEFI, etc… so make sure to be subscribed to https://www.elivecd.org/newsletters in order to be notified about it

^yes for now

i installed an arch linux and i install all last version

mising ecomoprh, and the config destop of elive, can i get the theme on my config ?

unfortunately i dont think that they will be compatible