Wikipedia page of Elive REBORN

Sorry, I don't understood -what- exactly was not accepted

BTW why we are editing on EliveLinux ? we should use just "Elive" like it was in the past :thinking: : Draft:Elive - Wikipedia

I thought @triantares explained well enough: We received much more help with EliveLinux than with Elive.

the articleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

But the entire article is not accepted or only a specific thing (so we can delete that part) ?

Elive must be listed in pages like this one Comparison of Linux distributions - Wikipedia (not to mention that there’s a lot of less known ones listed there), I cannot understand why Elive cannot have its own page

Because the existing (English) Elive page got deleted/removed, due to not heeding the warnings, we were obliged to create a new page all over again.
That sucks big time especially because:

  1. WP decided it needed to get stricter
  2. The first draft got turned down and no-one at WP is prepared to change that decision.
  3. All distros (except the big ones) will have this problem .... if they had to start over again at WP.
    The whole linux distributions part of WP is one great big scattered mess (just like the Linux distroscape itself) which is in need of a makeover.
  4. You (@Thanatermesis ) feel that Elive has a right to be mentioned on WP ....... Believe me, the editors at WP have a totally different vision on that.
    WP is not meant for advertising in the fashion you are targeting.....we've got better chances of getting a mention on the Encyclopedia Britannica than on WP in the current situation.
  5. WP is not open source, public property or even non-profit. See: Top 10 Reasons Not to Donate to Wikipedia - MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy

Elive was there (and on List of Linux distributions - Wikipedia ) but got removed again after a while due to not having a link to it's own WP entry. :wow:

Like I said before ...... I just gave up. There's no way I can see how we can get a mention.
If you make it as minimal as possible it'll be refused as having no meaning and if you try to differentiate they'll refuse because it looks like self-propagation. :shocked:

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that sucks, especially for a distro that has been one of the top ones (important / old / used, etc ) known distros since long time

As i said in the past, the first referral website where the people comes is distrowatch (but only when a release happen, which makes sense because is big news in the top-1 distros source website), the second one is wikipedia (that one is constant, not in release-time)

Actually, Elive is receiving very few visits to the website, there's an average of 100-130 visits per day (in the past was 300-400), so it has only a few downloads per day, and we can notice that there's not much new users entering in (this) forum community over the time, so the wikipedia page was an important source of new users "knowing" about that amazing distro

The situation needs to be improved or Elive will die if things continue this way, but in the last years it was never a "top known distro" like ubuntu or mint or others (in 2006 was much better), to change that, of course the distro needs more releases and novelty's, but is even more important to correctly announce them (the announcing them via newsletters stills a bit broken now, external websites need to talk more about the releases, etc...), but even if having an "awesome distro that not much people knows about" is a good thing for those who still love it, it becomes a bit useless, and the first thing to change that is by showing how good it is to the world, having a good website stating that, that's why im focused on improving the website, I don't care if it ends in a lot of pages showing features, it must show correctly "what it is" and "what it has"

but promoting a distro is something that requires time and strategy, for example we can see bodhi or ubuntu promoted everywhere, like there's some user/users that are talking about it all the time everywhere, in every forum comment, etc... and thus making important websites, youtubers, reviewers, software websites talking about the X distro

or is there a different way to promote a linux system in all over the world? :thinking:

i think the most important thing is to not stop showing elive to the world as a known, old, common used distro, if we turn the image to a "unknown extra distro that nobody knows / uses" we are doomed, so we need to save this image as much as we can (for example having an own wikipedia page just like other common ancient ones), or not stopping to have it shown to these "linux distros over the years" graphs, for example it doesn't shows anymore in some ones like this: (very bad) but it shows in other ones like this (in yellow, from Debian)

There's only one way and that is to release new versions so:
As a major first: Get a frozen, free special release (Retro) out.

That way there's something to talk about for journalists, bloggers, vloggers, distro-hoppers and reditors.
The last year, Elive has been trudging along from upgrade to upgrade that's almost always the same as the release before that, barring the internal changes and some bug fixes.

Elive really, really needs to have something news-worthy (bad or good, doesn't matter) to be known again.
I've been saying this for almost 2 years now and I always get the same answer: "Yes, we should but first the website" ........ and nothing changes. :frowning_face:
A lovely website is worth shit if it isn't visited or even known :shocked:

Elive needs to get out there, offer a free download with E16, differentiate and flaunt that desktop .... that's what folks look at, not if it's safe or geeky or virus-free or whatever.

Get working on the retro release as a first priority!

Elive's problem is that there's no long term strategy defined, to adhere to.
Elive built on the fact it was new and special at the time of the first releases ..... after that there was nothing but slow death.
Going 64bit was a required move and that was it ......... no strategy, no plans, just always pointing out how good Stable was and that Enlightenment wasn't ready yet. :face_vomiting:

E16 was a good choice (especially because it's still actively maintained) and maybe even a courageous move in 2018 ..... so use that, it's all we've got.

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  • that is useless if we don't have the consequent impact, this means: make magazines & websites of linux know about it, send newsletter with the release to all subscribers otherwise nobody will know about it, etc, make the most places as possible to talk about it (so the contrary to: write a news in the website that nobody will see / notice)
  • i decided to not make more releases (and using e16 continuously is damaging the elive experience) until the website correctly to the world how good elive is and what is inside

so we need to collect emails from them, contacting them, etc? :thinking: thats something to brainstorm before to proceed with these kind of announcements

totally agree, "something different / different experience" is also a good thing to talk about, novelty, we need especial reviews like: Is Elive The Best Linux Distro Ever? - YouTube

that's exactly what is wanted to do with the website, to make it a wanted place to visit / see / read, where the users can discover "how good is the distro"

That's pretty much what you did, for 8 years, to release 3.0...and look where it got you.

Again, that's NOT HELPING.

The ENTIRE ARTICLE is not accepted.

Did you even read that??

I'm sorry if I'm a bit rude. But I've been active here since January 2020 and I'm not seeing much change. Even if the website is better, that doesn't matter if nobody looks at it. As you said, 100-300 views...that's isn't worth shit. A better website will just make those 100-300 people more likely to download Elive. It won't actually grow it.

I asked about the article on the Articles-for-creation-helpdesk, but I suspect it won't be much help. :ohmygod:

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Ok. We are getting wayyyyyyyyyy off topic.

I'm going to move our posts to another thread.

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Just received this email, maybe a good step would be to contact him as the email details show?



Draft:EliveLinux is the actual one.

It is? then maybe we should create a Draft:Elive one based on Draft:EliveLinux ? :thinking:

Why the name? you* may ask, well, I think its better to call it Elive instead of EliveLinux, because we call it Elive and not EliveLinux :slight_smile: and also google recognizes very good Elive when people search for that (unlike searching specificially elivelinux), this means we have a pretty good SEO. This is like why the wikipedia page for ubuntu (or the ubuntu name itself) is Ubuntu and not UbuntuLinux, or DebianLinux. So in other words, we* would like to have the wikipedia page showing Elive as Elive itself directly :thinking:

BUT, if we re-create the page that has just been deleted, we need to know that we are doing the correct procedure (we don't want to be banned, re-denied, etc), we need to follow the instructions about how to recover it and similar things, just like we used wrongly the links in the past on the elive page

Also, is important to do it soon IMHO in order to not be overtaken by another enterprise named elive or a similar thing :thinking: and so being forgotten in the history as something -named elive- existed in the past

I don't think you've read the thread properly.

** We will move Draft:EliveLinux to Elive when it is accepted **

Doubt that would happen, but if you want to commit to the page, be my guest.
Screw wikipedia. I've already given up.

oh, ok

I know that WP sucks, im tired of this too, but just like many other tasks for elive that may be boring slow, if we give up to this is like giving up on Elive, for example actually im trying to import all the changes I made to the builder of live mode, yesterday I spend the full day trying to rewrite the history of commits in order to have a more clear overview of the changes and know what changed, what is needed, what was temporal... the full day for nothing, no conclusions, its a mess, im giving up to it and maybe start from scratch, which of course will lead to (again) bugs in live mode. What I mean is that there's some tasks that we may not be happy to do, just like the website (what a pain and slow thing to do, where is also needed to write "motivated" and pick the perfect words), but just like in these two examples, no website no elive, no live builder no elive, and if we don't have wikipedia is more or less elive don't exist (which is a big problem since its already pretty unknown today's)

I know this but believe me, I've tried every option WP had available to me and it simply didn't work. It's like running into a brick wall.

If you want to contact the person who deleted draft:elive please do so if you wish.

I've come to the conclusion that WP does not want to show all these distros that have made their way in ..... they want a single Linux entry with perhaps some sub entries for distros and will grab any chance to phase out fringe entries.
Actually I can't even blame them ..... there's simply way to many fringe distros out there.

So let's take our effort elsewhere ..... get our shit together and make a difference compared to the other distros.
Like I've been looking at what other lightweight distros do and hey:
There's a whole bunch of them claiming to be small footprint, good for older PCs, educational, fast, pretty and all the stuff Elive that's a dead end for Elive too IMO, simply too much competition. :shocked:

Elive hardly even gets a mention when light-weight distros are compared and most of those distros (unsurprisngly) are maintained by 1 or 2 developers, not more.

We can differentiate with:

  1. Enlightenment E16 and E24 -- for now especially E16
  2. The old Stable 3.0.6 that people will know and remember ---- so any new desktop has to be built with what made that the pager top-right, just ditch conky.
  3. The excellent stable build (of previous and especially Beta) of the underlying Os and all the nifty tools and tricks in there.
  4. The Live version.

I looked at ZorinOs and MX-linux where the first the latter had a fluxbox desktop -- both interesting where Mx is systemd free.

Mx using Tint2 and customized conky for time and date.

Don't use so many words ..... you Spanish simply talk too much.
A good picture says more than 1000 words. Words that no-one is going to fully read anyway....even I don't do that unless I'm correcting language. :shocked:

ZorinOs has the same message Elive has and comes across with a fraction of the words.

Where interestingly, their Pro version has a price, the Lite and Core don't.

So forget WP and concentrate on Retro and the subsite for it.

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Elive is on the wikipedia available in 16 languages but not in the main one, english, how stupid this can be? :woman_facepalming: