Wikipedia page of Elive REBORN

At least in the english wikipedia there is literally no wikipedia page.

If there was a wikipedia page, it would be much better.

Also, i'm sure there are lots of developers willing to volunteer, it would make updates faster and therefore users would be more attracted to it. As a nice side effect, @Thanatermesis could spend less time programming and more time marketing/having a life.


It's the second time the wikipedia page of Elive dissapppears, WTF is wrong with the world? @grottem put a lot of effort making this page exist again !!

WTF is wrong with the world!

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Created new thread for this (fucking big) issue

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Anybody knows how is possible to recover a wikipedia page ? there was important contents on it! wtf / why it has been deleted? how is possible? :omfg: :disbelief:

Reason found here: Elive - Wikipedia

Possibly interesting older version: Elive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

related: Wikipedia strategy

I can take care of the Swedish Wikipedia article. Translation or create. Im 100% correct in Swedish (proofreader). For now there is nothing about Elive...


The swedish wikipedia page is up and running. I didnt follow the English txt exactly... or I translated it very freely, terminated a lot of stuff and rewrote the rest.
Tried to make it easy to read.


Thanks a lot @Gunnar_Mossberg ! this will be really helpful for Elive :slight_smile:

Whilst looking at sites or possible links for Elive for Wikipedia (our page still isn't up :slightly_frowning_face: ) I stumbled across Abantos (again).... St Paul College is maybe a nice reference methinks.

title: "AbantOS Linux Users Guide (Elive/Debian)" author: [See Credits] date: 2017-11-05 subject: "CSCI 2461-70/2482-40 Fall 2017 Final Project" tags: [AbantOS, Elive, Linux, Incident Handling, Final Project] titlepage: true titlpage-color: "D8DE2C" titlepage-text-color: "5F5F5F" abstract: "AbantOS Linux, based on Elive/Debian with the Englightenment Window Manager/GUI. Created by and in support of the Fall 2017 Saint Paul College CSCI 2461-70 Computer Networking 3 - Linux, and 2482-40 Incident Handling & Disaster Recovery classes. " ...

It looks like they almost integrally used the old Wikipedia entry as source so if need be we could do some copy/pasting from there.


Can somebody update the infos (reliable sources) on the wikipedia page and re-submit it? I have too much work with the new in-development isos

Elive needs volunteering work for the wikipedia page, i will try to tell about this in the future newsletter, but we need at least a working (accepted) wikipedia page first

I'm too busy at the moment ...... so I have to pass on that one. :shocked:

I did find some links to Elive publications, maybe they can be useful.

References Elive Linux Format.

  1. Issue 243 - Review: Elive 3.0 - (Mayank Sharma)

  2. Issue 132 -

  3. Issue 120 - Distrowatch: Deal with the devil? - SUSE Linux Enterprise 11: Novell's commercial release. Plus: Elive, Parsix and kernel 2.6.29 features. (Susan Linton)

  4. Issue 92 - Coverdisc: DVD 92 - Elive - slick Live distro mixing Debian power and Enlightenment glitz. Plus: alternative OS megapack (Syllable, Haiku, ReactOS, Minix and more); 50 pages of tutorials from previous LXFs (PDF format); 70 Linux problems solved in Answers; Komodo trial editi (Mike Saunders)

  5. Issue 75 - Distrowatch: Download servers jammed by fans - Distro release teams caught off-guard by demand. Plus: Elive 0.3, distro upgrade tools (Ladislav Bodnar)



  2. Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment | Reviews | LinuxInsider

  3. GNU Nano Announces Version 3.0, ZFS on Linux Version 0.7.10 Released, Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Beta 1 Now Available, Tor Project's New Android App in the Works and Elive 3.0 Is Out | Linux Journal

  4. Become Enlightened | Linux Journal

  5. Elive Elevates Linux With Enlightenment | Full Circle Magazine

  6. Elive – ArchiveOS


same with the info on DistroWatch:
The origin and so on needs an overhaul
(I told you earlier before, but you said ... ?? )
DistroWatch Info 04-2020

Am afraid, when we are coming up with an update for e.g. the 64bit release,
we could run in similar trouble like may be getting black-listed...)
Methinks, we should not get it out of scope, too. :omfg:

Will read further for Wikipedia page of Elive DELETED
and if we could use somehow those magazines as kinda reputation... :work:

btw: some of the reviews on DistroWatch are a horror, some not -
but the first impression by the reading person will be not feeling encouraged to give Elive a spin,
methinks :pleading_face:


Swedish Wikipedia page is apparently not enough reliable sources... :frowning: :frowning: :1down: :face_with_head_bandage: (but at least not nominated for deletion)

Italian page seems fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

English page...still hasn't been reviewed. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Spanish seems fine. :+1:

French is a stub (too short)

couldn't think of any other languages to check. Hope this helps.


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ohhh here is a pastebin with the english source (after your edits @Thanatermesis):

3 posts were split to a new topic: Creating an Elive manual

OTH these 2 are just weblinks and I get the impression that they're looking for more tangible stuff like published papers or books with ISBN (which I doubt they'll ever read) as a "verifiable" source. :face_with_head_bandage:

Hum, the part of "links with details" (authors, etc) makes sense that they requires it, but i don't think most of the distros on wikipedia has ISBN books, 99% should not have that

A good thing to do is to compare the info and specially those links with other "good and common" wikipedia pages like debian / ubuntu / mint / arch / gentoo

Yes, a few ones, linuxformat magazine published 2-3 times about elive including a cd on it. But not about common "books"

You generously gave 5 stars to Elive5

muehehe :runningfast:

Thanks, I added them to the list, BTW I invite everybody that founds a (good only) article about elive to send them to:

this page is to receive the 64bit costfree if you submit an article, but the point is to have it "saved" somewhere, and there is the biggest list of articles about elive :slight_smile:

Elive — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

Hum, this wiki2 is interesting, and that article about Elive is quite long and well structured (based on the old version which we lost?), it has also many references link on it

I think that the best for this (git requires some advanced knowledges and its not so handy to use) will be use google docs for that (realtime multiuser collaborative editor)

Markdown (.md or .txt) should be the best format to write these things too

Probably me? I have only created my wikipedia account to the elive related things. So what is the solution? I need to collaborate in other wikipedia articles? or what i should do? :thinking:

If im not wrong, when an SSD breaks it becomes RO (no write possible), unless it really break in a different way (unreadable)

ask to your smart terminal :wink:

~ ❯❯❯ wtf is pita
PITA: pain in the ass

I put up a completely (very simple) article under a different name: EliveLinux.

It went up --- so now we'll see what happens. It''l probably have multiple issues so if anybody feels like: Have a ball. :madness:

  • It would be especially nice if others would look at the issues and repair them.

If it stays up, I can make more changes but for now we've at least got a reference where people can find us.

Here it is:

Something I do need is a vector graphics logo to put up. So @Thanatermesis needs to provide an official one.
I've got a .svg of my own, that I also used for the E24 theme which I could use but I'd prefer the original.

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Tell me if these are enough: Logos and Banners of Elive - Elive Linux

Mmh, no, we don't have a vector based one, only one that is only the "shape" (a white bg with a black line), there's no vector ones that will include the colors and effect of the original logo :confused:

good :slight_smile: let's see what happens :slight_smile:

so im a bit confused now, if they accepts this page but not the other, what we should do? :thinking: (its better to use the name elive and not elivelinux imho, for a wikipedia page) , or if we end having 2 ones, what we should do? lol

IMHO the important one is the "Elive" one, when we have it up we can remove the second one (of course using the useful contents from it), or we should keep the second one in order the first one its deleted again? :thinking:

Remember that the next strategy is to reference elive everywhere, like these and much other ones:

so if we have 2 articles, this can be a little problematic :thinking:

in fact, im just looking that @triantares added EliveLinux to it and @TheTechRobo added Elive in April :stuck_out_tongue: List of Linux distributions: Revision history - Wikipedia

I don't think Elive actually still is a Light-weight distro but I'll add it none the less once we actually get a page up.

We don't have much choice for now as the Elive article has in fact been "rejected" and it wont allow for it to be accepted for review again.

My impression is that most editors just scan an article and look at the first few references only, so I removed those referring to you or the Elive download directly.
At least on the EliveLinux one, I'm getting some human interaction and once it's up, it can be changed back to Elive again (It's matter of 2 words in the whole article :face_with_head_bandage: ).


Just edited Light-weight Linux distribution - Wikipedia to point to the EliveLinux draft.
At least that's something, for now.
Feel free to add that (temporary) link to light-weight-distribution yourself. :smiley14:

So we'll make one that comes as close as possible to the .png but in that case it might be helpful to have the B/W one as a starting point.