Would be cool to have installed by default or optional a Weather Add-on(Applet)

Something that we see either on the screen or some icon to click to easily access the weather for our location
Some OS have that (option we can install or not… Like the Alarm clock you already offer) and I love it… Not

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We don’t have phones for that? :thinking:

I mean yeah it is cool, but is a really useful feature for a computer?

By other side, there was some gadgets in the past for Enlightenment (modules), as you can see in Deon Thomas - some time in 2006 I was rocking to Marilyn... | Facebook , and if im not wrong there was a weather one, but should be needed to someone hack the code to make it working correctly, or use a non-enlightnement gadget if founds a good one, but this will not look so beautiful :slight_smile:


I remember trying out the forecast module when e17 had progressed to e20.

I prefer to use something similar like conky which has a smaller footprint (just a few pixels high), but only because I don’t need the weather to be shown all day – much like how I check the weather in real life :sunglasses:

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