Gadgets / Widgets / Applets

Having gadgets in the desktop is a pretty cool feature to have (optionally, of course), many peoples like that. For example @Jesse_Bassett is using Elive but with a different desktop and one of the reasons is the nice gadgets he can use.

I think Elive should propose some good options as gadgets for alternatives too.

In fact, there' was a CD to play radio music in the desktop but seems like it was not very appreciated and it was then moved to the dock, the idea of it in the desktop was more like a demo feature 'to see the possibilities' than an image stuck by default

There's some topics around where people asked for these options so, maybe we can use this thread to share screenshots of available gadgets we can set up on Elive :slight_smile:. Like here or here

There's some options we can do:

  • use conky (we know it), it has many skins / themes and you can configure things like stock markets viewer
  • create a website widget (those are bloated and requires a lot of memory since its a webpage, by other side, there's many possibilities from online services), like this full-featured stock graph example
  • install applets and use them in your e16 desktop, since its a pretty compatible standard and agnostic desktop (suggestions welcome, post yours in the thread)

Your turn, post your ideas / screenshots / app suggestions / etc :slight_smile: maybe we can implement some in Elive as an option :happybounce:

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Weather maybe ? can work with curl, so you don't even need a web browser - just an xterm window or smth