Wrong keyboard after install 3.8.34 beta

Just installed elive 3.8.34 (beta) and elive is not using my fr_ca.UTF8 keyboard that I choosed during install. Is there a way to tell Elive to use my prefered keyboard at start ??? I have to go to a shell and type "setxkmap ca" to have my keyboard. Isn't there any widget that could be in the cairo dock to switch keyboard for those that may use more than one keyboard (I will use also a spanish and english keyboard).


There's an icon in "elive-center" -> "lanuage and keyboard configurator"to change the keymap but if you want a clickable icon and multi key-maps, you could install 'gxkb' which will give you an icon in the systray. Help: Add a second keymap on E16 - #7 by triantares

There's also a small uitilty to change a keymap on-the-fly I was working on but multiple keymaps have not been implemented yet.
Maybe I'll add that later today ..... I sort of stopped working on that script since it didn't look to fulfill any one's needs and @Thanatermesis seemed very set on keeping the existing "language configurator".
You sort of give me a reason to get back to it. :slight_smile:

Anyway if you want to have a quick solution (this is what the script will ultimately d,o too):

"setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout ca, es, us -variant altgr-intl -option grp:alt_shift "

Which will allow you to use the keycombo 'Alt+Shift' to toggle keymaps.

In the above command I set simple 'altgr-intl' as a variant (for us) but if you want to know all available variants just run the above mentioned 'quick-keymap-changer'` and choose one of the maps.
The script will always allow you to bale out w.o consequences until the very last step.

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Note that "fr_ca.UTF-8" reffers to the language of the system and not the keyboard, the keyboard is just "ca" (with extra optional variations/options), the configurator asks first for the language and later for the keyboard, maybe you confused it with it?

I just tested it on a virtual machine, installed system, ran the languages & keyboard configurator on elive-center, and it worked good for me, can you tell me the steps to reproduce the bug in the way you did it, @PerfMonk ?

Another note: you mentioned that you selected the keyboard during install :thinking: there's no keyboard asked during install (only when the Live mode boots and the desktop is started)

as tried to mention in the past, remember that there's two very different ways to configure the keyboard (and language), one is the system's wide configuration, and another thing is to have a fast switcher / gadget to switch between keyboards as user desire... your tool fits more like in a user switcher, and the configurator included in elive is more like a "system wide setting"

Note: @PerfMonk you can delete this thread if after to try again, there's no bug, but I still think that there's a UX issue somewhere since you ended up on having this problem