Zsync_curl package for X64 in addition to standard zsync

The currently installed "zsync" only supports standard http URLs but there was a version available called "zsync_curl" that did support transfers over https. Alas it wouldn't install on Elive Beta until now.

I have altered the existing "zsync_curl" package that was available on github but had an incompatibility with Buster and thus with Elive Beta by removing a "libcurl3" dependency....which wasn't any good anyway.

Thus minimizing download data, as well as workload on the server.

The installable .deb package can be downloaded here:

I am unable to install .deb since upgrading with the Elive3.8.1 (used the liveusb upgrade system) . Gdebi reports that all the dependencies are satisfied and when i click install the whole program disappears without any warning or feedback . I am also unable to install using terminal. going to try apug.

Can confirm Gdebi is broken and for some reason reinstall doesnot seem to restore it.
However you can still install .deb package in terminal with: sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

The GUI of the package installer indeed is broken.
Probably because it has to run with admin privileges but does not ask for those.

In a terminal you can install using "sudo gdebi path_to_package.deb" which gives more information on missing dependencies than "dpkg" does.


in my old tests gdebi correctly worked

basically: open the file-manager, select the .deb file to open with gdebi

this doesn't works ?

No the gdebi gui does not work, exits without doing anything, invoking this installation with terminal goes off well without problems

The gdebi gui ("gdebi-gtk") does not demand admin rights and thus cannot install the paclkage. It dies silently without giving any errors.
That's about the whole thing ..... running "sudo gdebi" works fine on the CML.


Actually started wondering why "gdebi" and "gdebi-gtk" are in "/user/bin" where IMO they should be in "/user/sbin". :thinking: