3.7.4 betatesting experiences

I'm uploading now the new version 3.7.4, and it includes:

  • every / all reports for bugs and improvements reported in 3.7.3 and previous versions (so many, cannot list them)
  • improved resources usage (ram consumption) specially for the Live boot and the installer
  • improved default settings (files opened with the correct app from thunar, etc)
  • improved default confs (cairo-dock and others)
  • finally catched and fixed the old bug with ".config/elive" (which caused questions to always show up on desktop start and other issues)
  • installer: lots of parts with fixes and improvements
  • installer: updates in a much faster and lighter way (which was one of the reasons of consuming ram in low-end machines)
  • installer: has been optimized and should be faster, tell me if you notice that :slight_smile:
  • more usability / improvements that i cannot remember :slight_smile:
  • updated base, "debian buster" is near to be released now

this version should be a more ready to use version, i would call it "beta" instead of alpha but since my recent data corruption using btrfs i wanted to still publish it as an alpha version, just in case anything was missed to include or similar


  • do not use btrfs, its dangerous
  • reiser4 looks more stable and features compression (very good!), but for stability is better to use ext4, also the performance doesn't seems to be always better (like from usb disks or large partitions)


Where can I download it?

So do you suggest to upgrade my system over 3.73 ?
Or simply running those commands whould be ok

I just want to keep my actuel software and their config

this version has multiple improvements (like the listed ones), so yeah i recommend to update it

your confs will be saved

and thats why you should manually upgrade the cairo-dock conf (unless you are very happy with yours) like the previous commands, so it includes a default better setup (that you can see in live mode)

@vesteve58 in the same download link: Index of /betatest

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Cairo never installed for me, on my desktop. And I never wanted to install it manually, was waiting for 3.7.4

Will run the upgrade...

tks !!!!!!!

Hello guys!!!
First of all thanks to @Thanatermesis for this new alpha that is very much optimised than previous one :ok_hand: :applause::applause::applause::hot::hot::hot::omgomgomg::omgomgomg::omgomgomg::excited::excited::excited:

I try the live mode in my Acer and it works fine, but in my HP (Intel Atom 2600N sensed to be 64 bit CPU live boot doesnt start and says I have a 32 bit CPU.... )

After that test, I made a full installation in my Acer (remember only 1 GB RAM and Celeron M 1,6Ghz) and first thing I noted is the installer recommends to use BTRFS (don't forget to change this message in stable versions). As we know risk of BTRFS, I choice reiser4, crypt, and full HDD for Elive, automatic parted.

Installer runs fine, no problem and installed system starts. Crypt now works. I take a look and now I see that I have no more a swap partition, but a swap file (nice!):

I make a web browser test to profit the clean installation with only 1 GB RAM (tomorrow I'll upgrade RAM up to 4 GB as soon as I pick up the parcel from store), the results of those test I'll write them tomorrow in the browser thread, but really, 1 GB RAM is obsolete today and in practice systems hungs up with two browser at same time and is being unresponsive... I must to shut it off and I see again the nicest Elive suggestions that I love so much! :love:

E16 looks better but I have the problem with keyboard module to switch between different languages that seems to bug (in 3.7.3 I had same bug):

And I finally found the nice surprise that my battery has much more capacity (94%) than in 3.7.3 (76%) that is not a bug, but it shows that if we leave system plug into electric network for some days the new installed system recognizes the actual capacity of battery and established at those Wh the maximum level, so I hope that leaving system plugged 1 or 2 days more in a continuous way, next installation (I'll do a new clean installation as soon as I'll upgrade my RAM) would be nearest as full battery design capacity:

An those are my first impressions. I'll update as time as I work more time with this release.

I suggest for next releases to add FSlint tool to find duplicate files because for me and for @yoda is as practical as Unison. If not, it is at Synaptic, but no much people knows those tool very practical.




updated messages, at least the ones that I have found :slight_smile:

I wonder if should be entirely removed as an available FS to select :thinking:

what do you use to switch between keyboard-languages?

done, included for next build :slight_smile: its a good one (and small app!)


I upgrade my 3.7.3 systems (that came from a 3.7.2 and updaded with commands to 3.7.3) to 3.7.4

Cool :slight_smile:

my notes :

  • my applications config are there in .config but I do not need to reinstall all them and it's ok.
  • thunderbird didn't loose my tons of mail profile config LOL
  • Cairo dock was half visible at the bottom. I killed it and reopen it and put it at
  • sceen / Desktop config was not kept but that is probably normal
    the same place ( lower / middle of the screen) and it's now ok
    I'll keep you posted for other details !


Dell M4400 4Gb ram nvidia fx770m, Elive 3.7.4 usb live proprietary nvidia 304xx, E22: Starts well, keys for screen light & sound ok, but again, in the set of softwares in the bar, Terminology, Rythmbox, Gimp are present but "ghosted"... others, as Chromium, are normally visible...
Eeepc 1001xp 2gb ram Elive usb live, E22: starts well sound keys still not working, and same thing for the launch bar...

I am not that familiar with " upgrade " in linux

And I am happy most of my apps just needed to be reinstalled but that the config folder for that app, was not overwritten by the installation of that app

Was not that long to bring back my station to as it was after the 3.7.4 upgrade :slight_smile:

Yea YEa Yea, Cairo is cool I must admit

:laugh: :happy:

the only thing I am fighting with for now is Cairo
It again disappear I don't know where,
I "end" it, re-open it and I see it for a second going under " something "

OK I found it
It was on the 2nd DESK ( that has 6 other Virual Desktop).
My 2nd Desk was turned off

I found it there
I turned off the AutoHide thing
And Positioned it back on the main "Desk"

Everything is ok

Not sure the sequence I did of how it ended up in the twilight zone

Cair dock advice for those using the Weather app


  • Appearance
  • Sub-Dock
    Choose SLIDE

The way the weather shows when you mouse over the weather app, is better


it will display the Shortcuts in a nice way :

ok than for 3.7.4 here are my comments


and the Cairo Dock compensate for a lot of " non important things" I needed / was used to
Weather, TIme( mouse over date, Clic Calendar)

Kudos - the changes you made to the installer have allowed install on the slow HP I had problems with before (920 MB available memory - but never got close to that during install). It took a while (34 mins) but installed flawlessly. Sound/controls, brightness/controls all work.

Imay indeed have a problem with the hard drive on this unit as image suggests...I will experiment more on this laptop over the next few days, and also test on my production Dell XPS 13 (i7). Nice work. :applause:


mmh, since these confs are not updated i recommend you the other combo said (apug, elive-skel upgrade .config/cairo-dock, restart desktop configurations). Then select GL mode and composite, it looks to work better (in most of the cases/times, i mean hardwares)

actually i think the installer updates the .e16 one (not sure), i assume is better this way since these confs are improved in new builds (but now e16 is pretty ready in their default confs, i should probably remove the update of them for next builds?)

good! can you confirm that the installed system correctly works with the same nvidia drivers installed by default ?

E22 is not configured at all, everything is up to you (issues and configurations), I won't recommend to use e22 but you are free to use it :slight_smile:

question: these things should be already warned when you selected e22, but i think that is not enough for e22 ?

and this is an issue because makes your experience not being "nice" by using e22, better to use e16 :slight_smile:

i wonder if e22 should be removed... hum

try what i said before, to have a new cairo-dock and desktop preconfiguration that way

hum... the "parabolic" default one looks nicer and futuristic, also more like mac'ish, but seems like "slide" is a more usable option
i changed it to be default to slide for all the elements (instead of parabolic)

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wohoooo :dance:

well, this screenshot is a very nice feature, it runs in every desktop start, and it will notify you if there's new data for the disk (like new shocks received, or badblocks)

this is a nice spank for those people that "dances with the laptop while running" lol
(/me looking at some people around the house here... lol)

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no bug reports for 3.7.4 ? it seems like to be a very good release :happy:

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The Red lines staying on the screen thing, it,s doing it also in Composite move
Talking about Moving Methods (technical effect)
Not a big thing.... CTRL + ATL + END fix it