3.7.5 betatesting experiences

This small update includes:

  • a few default configurations improved
  • live mode always verify that dbus is correctly running before to start the desktop
    • this caused many different issues like mounting / network issues or app usabilities (only in live mode)
  • installer improvements
  • e16 lock & other minor improvements
  • e17 & e22 are now removed (only e16 as default desktop)
    • this also makes the iso smaller
  • btrfs is disabled from the installer since is dangerous
  • fonts automatic sizes are set correctly for e16 too, allowing small screens to have better fitting applications on it (if you have more suggestions for settings to change, tell me them) - @Rebel450 @maxinou
  • GTK applications now should be configurable with the settings remembered (lxappearance configures it)


UPGRADE mode: if you want to upgrade your previous install, first make sure that your system contains the "installed" value on that file, if not, change "dumped" to "installed":

sudo scite /etc/elive/installation-status

3.0-Stable migration:
Converting your 3.0-stable 32bit install to the new 64-bit alpha versions should work without problems and your desktop & configured apps should be done without anything needed to improve / modify (so a few confs are updated), if is not the case, tell me

Debian Buster release:


  • must install the "e17-menus" package after to install this version


Nice! I'll download it from next Wednesday, I'll be out of home until this day. The issue of fonts in small screens I couldn't test it still because my HP 10" runs only 32 bit, BTW, I had a strange issue trying to upgrade my RAM in 3.7.4-64 , I'll explain it next week in a new thread to ask for opinions about it from all members. I think it is a HW problem, not an Elive issue but I want to know the opinion of expert people.
See you Wednesday in the forum.
Nice weekend to everyone!

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What is the difference between the 2?
Is "dumped" simply the live version put on HD as is?

is there a way for me to upgrade to 3.7.5 without having to reinstall some apps as last time ? Yeah the config folder of my apps were kept but I did had to reinstall several one. I would like if there was an Linux equivalent way of doing, what Window is doing when we upgrade from one version to another. All the apps stays there...

If would be cool if we could simply type a command and upgrade our current installation. Or have something " pop up " do you want to upgrade to 3.7.5 and that it would be done automatically for less experienced people who like Elive and would live to take benefit of last improvements

Which app did you finally choosed as a lock screen tool ?

@Thanatermesis some of us have link to download Alpha and now, Beta
But I am not sure you made it easily available on the forum for everyone, now that we are in Beta

Note to all that installed extra settings for USB3 on Virtualbox
Make sure there is an entry for virtualbox in /etc/elive/packages_to_maintain_installed otherwise you might have to jump thru the same hoops again.

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I have made a USB and CD Live install for 3.7.5 and upon first impressions, I have some questions right away.

1- Who is going to be the audience for EliveOS? The reason I ask, is, if someone other than those who are regular members of Elive were to launch this version as it is right now, they would be totally lost and confused. There is nothing in front of them to launch the install, the launch bar has no programs visable to select, so that is why I ask who is the audience, us only?

2-I know most of you like E16 to have it where you find the program you want by typing the command or program in the box and search for it...thats fine, I get that, but the average or below average person does not know what the name is for those applications and is looking either for a list of programs from the launch bar or the application it self on the bar just like version 3 and earlier.

3-So I ask, Are we getting away from the new people to come over to EliveOS? Looking for intermediate and advanced users only?

4- This 3.7.5, I see no apps showing for Cairo launch bar. No install from launch bar. I don't feel comfortable upgrading from the 3.7.4 for now. Just giving you my perspective....again I have ran both the CD live and USB live install and both behave the same so its not my media being bad or anything.

its a mark used by the installer to know that the system installed correctly

in fact, "dumped" should be considered a correct installation, but the value is changed to "installed" after the first boot

this ensures that the user "can" boot the installed system, solving problems like a wrongly-installed grub, or drivers, or anything... if user is able to boot at least one time the installed system, then the system is considered correctly installed

so the installer verify first that the "scanned for elive systems" has this value correctly set, if not, it doesn't consider it a sucessfully installed elive (and it wont ask to upgrade it)

this explains every detail: How to update your Elive, the correct way

for "keep installed apps", i have added to that link an explanation of how to do it :surprise:

this is already included, the user don't need to do anything, but to benefit all the features sometimes you need an upgrade mode (everything is explained on that FAQ)

i3lock-fancy, add a hotkey to it and you are ready :slight_smile:

Going to work on the new "beta download" page in the elive website soon

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The installer pops up "do you want to install?" after 5 minutes of the desktop started (maybe should be less?)

This is a beta version, it should be correctly explained (known) by the users that it doesn't include a beautifully well featured e17+ desktop but e16, which is a different (and good) but less featured desktop. Tell me if it needs to be more clear somewhere (since-from the new website download-beta-version page). I think that the live mode doesn't includes it very well :thinking:

Note: I added back the e16 message before the desktop start, 3.7.5 don't ask for a WM to select since only includes e16 but 3.7.6 will include back the message for e16

About "applications", you just right-click on the desktop and you have all the applications there in the menu, or also in the new included cairo-dock, with a better structure like in 3.0-stable :boogie:

I assume this also answers the "2-. question"

Should be not, people should simply understand that this is a Beta version and the Stable version is more polished and better... this should be clearly stated in the future beta-download page :slight_smile:, I will write about it in the forum when will be ready to see how it looks like and how correct the info is stated

Hum... :thinking: ha! :omfg: thanks for the report! this happened by removing e17 from the system

just install the package e17-menus :boogie: and you have it back (restart cairo-dock or reboot)


About the "making sure users know that is a beta version" i think that i should make sure to include this image :nod:

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@Thanatermesis The installer pops up "do you want to install?" after 5 minutes of the desktop started (maybe should be less?)

Mine did not. That is why I asked. Why wait 5 min? Just asking...seems too long IMHO. Once can always decline if asked within a minute.

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I agree to this for less experienced or less patient users, it would make their life easier.. Something that pop up right from the start, asking if they want to install elive or play with it (letting them know exactly how and where to go if they want to install it later one)

@Thanatermesis About the "making sure users know that is a beta version" i think that i should make sure to include this image

I like the image :slightly_smiling_face: that is Very Good!

I am sorry that I was not clear on the specifics of what was to be reported in for beta only testing and that we are not to be representing the outside world but only to report internally what is not working as a core system not to be observed as a user view point. I was so spoiled and loved the E17 experience from Elive 3.0 that I feel sometimes we are going backwards not having things in front of our eyes at the desktop in front of us. When I reported to other Distro's on their beta versions there was consistency with some changes along the way to a gradual release. It seems a little rough right now.


because is annoying the amount of continuous popups, and basically the user should "try a bit the system" before to decide to install

moved to 4 minutes

I agree, there is a lot of popups. So many that they are instantaneous and it is very easy to pass up on them (miss them) somehow (too fast..need more delay between). I missed or messed up on the selections and had to restart all over again.

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Here testing back 3.7.5 on the Dell M6700 Nvidia: Same thing about nvidia privative drivers: doesn't work! From boot /privative drivers, from E16 Terminal, with current or legacy-390xx...
Questions: when it writes "W: Switched to the default drivers option", it means "to libre nvidia drivers" or "to intel embeded graphics"?
I forget to tell that since the beginning, when I sudo nvidia-privative-drivers-intall -d, there's no reply (no "true" or "false") -t idem...
Is there a way to install nvidia nouveau (the libre driver) for testing?

A side question: what on migrate installation from a, say, Mint, where the nvidia 390xx driver works ok? Is this migration should result in a working Elive with ths nvidia? Of course not strait forward, but an alternative???

A different thing: just for try, (yes, for try) I made "api enlightenment"... And you know what? The launch bar got all its icons right visible..! ;@)


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Just did a live test run of 3.7.5 in Virtualbox.
I can confirm the problem @Terry_Rosinski encountered.
The applications menu on cairo dock doesn't have any applications i.e doesn't open.
Looks like that menu indeed requires e17.
The e17 elders strike back :mwahaha:

This raises a few questions to "/etc/elive/packages_to_maintain_installed".
If I upgrade 3.7.4 to 3.7.5 and add "enlightenment" in there: Will it also retain all dependencies it needs?
i.e can I make it keep e17 and e22?

More precise:
Does it scan all bin and sbin directories and keep the executables (such as those compiled from source and/or snap apps) or does it scan the apps for availability in the buster repositories?

installing enlightenment and e17 (api enlightenment e17) and the logout, comes up in e17 and without login option to e16 i.e doesn't go to greeter......lightdm is missing in live version.
Looks a little familiar :blush:

Question regarding builds going forward, "Can a script be made to copy the user(s) data so that it is saved before they upgrade to the next version? I know I did see some forum talk about where those paths are that contain the data needing to be saved but by making it an automatic thing for all who select to have the upgrade from the previous version would save time and would be of major convenience. That way, no loss of changes to the user has been made. It would be blessing and appreciated. I am not talking the whole File system either just the desktop changes and their user home folder and what is needed just for their user account.

I did not think to save my virtual box machine db image and gone after the upgrade. So lost my virtual Windows OS I had. Luckily, I made a clonezilla of 3.7.4 and restored back.

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