3.8.4 release betatests



Would there be a zsync version available already ?

Never mind found it. :face_with_head_bandage:

apug ? If I apug I don't see any update

"Reiserfs (v3) included back into the installer"
So it's now safe for us to use it now ? The old one was an " at your own risk " version...

As you're bringing it back, please refresh my memory with the PROS of using reiser ?

  • I remind it's faster but for what ? Move seral small files if i'm not wrong ?
  • any Pros for a simple WorkStation ?
  • I thinl we can store more files on a disk and the allocation is better handled ?

I will " reinstall my Workstation" with btrfs when I have time and after reading your reply....

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Browser extensions enabled by default:

On firefox or chromium, Opera, Firefox ?

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BTW I have tried to include zsync in the repos but is not really possible (fails to compile / package), which of course I wanted to made a correct package from it, so i think we should just use the manually-installed one or removing the S from the httpS of the repos :thinking:

good question, reiser3 was unsable on previous kernels and I assume its more stable now on this new kernel (I did some tests and installs and I didn't had a kernel crash, so I assume it is), stills in any case the best performant option for old machines and the most stable FS ever (no joke :stuck_out_tongue: even ext4 crashes, reiserfs never lost a single file in all my experience and computers and systems)

note that this is version 3 and not 4 of reiserfs, 3 is very old and good, 4 is new with more features but i found a few reasons to not use it in production (slow external disks, and some unstability in multitasking)

@yoda please be very far away from BTRFS, in fact it is entirely banned from the installer because elive loves its users lol check my experience: How to recover from a BTRFS crash / failure

About your other questions, maybe ext4 is better for a workstation (more common and may cache better the files), also includes some SSD features that reiserfs has not, but for any normal computer or even better old computers, i suggest reiserfs (3)

all of them if im not wrong :slight_smile:

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oops mean REISER3

Not using ssl??

After apug i got my version updated. I needed to reboot though


Am I forced to run the installer on a USB Stick and " UPGRADE " ?

Or I can update my actual installation with some commands ?
/Downloads ❯❯❯ uname -a
Linux Elive-Desktop 5.2.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.2.9-2~bpo10+1 (2019-08-
25) x86_64 GNU/Linux

~/Downloads ❯❯❯ cat /etc/debian_version 130

~/Downloads ❯❯❯ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Elive GNU/Linux (on Debian buster)
Release: 10
Codename: buster

the tool zsync was not developped to support ssl, but there's a build that includes it, but i don't see any source code (if i remember correctly that this was the problem) to compile / package it for elive

it depends of if you want the new features and they are NOT automatically included in your elive, which they are:

  • from apug
  • from elive-upgrader special features (this one and the previous one are made automatically in your system)
  • from "elive-skel upgrade" to update confs (like the updated one of conky)
  • or from the installer, which includes things that cannot be included from the previous ones (like new kernel, or a different packages selection)

more info : How to update your Elive, the correct way


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@yoda Im looking some reports from the installer, seems like there was a warning message from you like:

W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/tgl_dmc_ver2_04.bin for module i915

I assume that this is simply the kernel that knows about new firmwares and not all of them are included, but that actually your graphic card doesn't needs it to work correctly (is this correct? so your graphical system works without problems I assume?)

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First thing, at full install from .iso on the M6700/nvidiaM5000M, I find out that "Disks", probably as others precedently showed, didn't start from Cairo input or menu... Taken via LMB menu...

En route for 3.8.4/x64 installation!


Yep I got several of those error

Yep both install ( the upgrade on my desktop or the NEW INSTALL on my laptop)wetn fine and video is ok


A very little thing: when in live mode, conky didn't display the network IP (EDIT: on wifi; rtc is ok for IP indication & DLS/ULS), nor DLS/ULS... But it's since at least precedent release....

EDIT: After installation & reboot, the nvidia parameters soft didn't runs.... From Cairo'h!s nor LMB menu...

EDIT2: Aaaand, Conky on the eeepc 1015pn is still overscreen*! :innocent:

EDIT3: * in usb boot mode; The installed Conky is ok...


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There are drivers missing to install the nvidia legacy 340xx vidio for my Dell e6510

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That’s the driver used on my Mac and it loaded perfectly well.
But I had to be connected on the internet with a cable...


Same here with the eeepc 1015pn; surprisignly, cause normaly, it's straight from the .iso, if I remember well..?


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Why? No wifi working?

Wifi working but not connected at installation time.

Unless it is from a menu with the system working?