64bit first builds


I’m strongly working on it, being able to have Elive running on 64 bits soon !

Subscribe to this thread if you are interested on 64 bits and you can help betatesting the experimental builds :slight_smile:

I will write an update about this soon

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64 bit version of Elive
64 bit version of Elive

With which kernel are you working atm?
I’ve got a few unused thinkpads lying around that could be used for testing.

My Helix2 works fine with 3.02 but I don’t use it much due to very noisy fan and the tablet is coming apart. So that’s available for as long as it lasts.
My X1 carbon (3rd gen) will not run elive nicely due to graphic problems and wont recognize the quirky Fn keys. So there’s a challenge too. :thinking:

On top I’m still contemplating a minimal 64bit install running 32bit elive3.02 virtually using “xen” in the way QubesOS does. I like their method but the desktop just looks horribly outdated Alas I don’t have enough free time yet to get in deep. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




A noisy fan could be good for these first tests, since Im using e16 the cpu usage should be almost nothing! :slight_smile:

Heh I know the feeling… yeah those updated Intel cards are not supported on 3.0

I have not touched yet the install (at all), still working on a base & working first system, it wont include anything so maybe is a good way to have a base to install anything / as any user wanted way, actually I’m just finishing to make the desktop entirely usable and minimally elive-featured (but yeah, e16, this change a good amount of things too!)

Also Im trying to catch a single but annoying bug that crashes the desktop from to time, but I have very hard to reproduce it ! lol

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