Conky code to display stocks

I am presently googling to find some easy way to use CONKY code to display stocks

Anyone here has done it already ?


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what you mean by stocks ?

I suggest you "man conky" :slight_smile: no joke, this manpage shows all the options and features that you can add on your conkyrc file


hum, i found funny that you wanted to use conky for that :slight_smile: , im sure it can be possible but im not sure about how much "accurate" can be, i mean, you can produce a graph, maybe writing a script that will be render in conky or something similar but again could be not very accurate

now there's a paradoxical problem:

  • an easy solution will be a browser
  • a browser is the worse solution


so ok, try this:

~ ❯❯❯ chromium --app=""

copy-paste in your terminal, resize the window, and have fun :partying_face:

OOPs I wanted to tell what stock is LOL
I only need the number.... No graph

Your link is cool though

well, the first that you need is to create a script / tool that generates this number, then you can simply reproduce it anywhere, a terminal, or easily in conky I assume :slight_smile: , I never tried to generate a data in conky but for sure will be easy, so it has already data fetch from specific commands, for example the battery percentage is simply fetch from the "acpi" command

I think we cak that a stock ticker or something like that
I simply want the value (worth ) of one stock to show in conky...

But I will google


yeah not bad, press "ctrl + s" and you have now a gadget on your desktop :happy:

more tips for a gadget: right click on the window and:

  • set stacking -> below
  • set border style -> borderless (make sure you know the elive hotkeys, you have the pdf in your dock)
  • set opacity 60%
  • misc: toggle skip window list

:rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :rainbowyay: :rainbowyay:

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This one is also very nice:

${font sans-serif:bold:size=8}OTHER ${hr 2}
## check bitcoin price every 15 minutes:
BTC ~ ${execi 900  curl -s | python -c "import json, sys; print(json.load(sys.stdin)['bpi']['USD']['rate'])" | sed -e 's|\..*$||g' }

Checks for bitcoin price every 15 minutes :smiley: