E16 Elive derivative system


Due to the (few people) need to have a lighter system, and the (few people) interest on having an OS using e16 as desktop, I’m thinking into create a derivative version (or “special version”) of Elive using E16 as desktop.

But then this should be not considered like a normal Elive system, this is why I want to make it somewhat a different project / subversion / derivative / special version, otherwise it could confuse the “what is Elive” concept, e16 is not only a different desktop with similar features as the one that we have, but it also has a different way of work, this means that you may have a 10% of missing “elive features” (speculating)

By naming it as a different project it could be good to separate the OS concept into a different one, but will have a negative impact in the amount of users and “known” of the distro, like starting from zero. If is made like a “special version” of Elive should be clearly named differently (imho) and this will make everything much easier

What’s your opinion?

  • Different project
  • Just as a “Elive special version”

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What you preffer?

  • Featured like Elive & same applications
  • Small base of the desktop and nothing more, so the user should customize everything

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Tell your opinions & suggestions on this thread :slight_smile:

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Different project. Because I think it will be double the work (two repo, second forum, and so on) but it should be easier to let evolve by another userbase, if this will happen.
As you often explaining, a lot of Elive Features are ‘as is’ and hard to port (to 64bit and so on). So the approach ‘Just enough OS for E16’ is a pretty good one … Everything else will come over time.

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It seems e16 is still being actively maintained, from what I have seen on enlightenment.org. There is even a ‘repository’ of e16 themes, or a collection of them. I think there are enough resources working on “retro” stuff-- there is an existing github for it, even, if one is keen on pursuing this.
Maybe have three themes with elive out-of-the-box (detourious, silk/Black and White, and Lucax) so that there are choices once e17 is installed? Just a thought…


Good news: I’m implementing a feature in the boot (similar to in old versions of Elive) on which you can select your preffered Enlightenment experience :happy_dance:

Memory (resources) usage comparison of Enlightenment
Why Enlightenment 17 when there's newer versions?

I think as opposite as @LupusE, IMHO it should be called as "special Elive" and I'll try to explain my point of view: I found Elive by hazard looking for the lightest distro I can found (two laptop very old and slow with 1 GB RAM both), I tried it and I loved it :heart_eyes: because the DE is so pretty and experience it's so fluid that some days ago I finally bought some extra RAM to update my two laptops to improve this magnificent experience and also to be ready for future releases of Elive with the best ratio €/HW possible, and even I'll install soon Elive 2.0 Topaz in a very, very, very old IBM ThinkPad only for the fun. So discover Elive's experience in 1 laptop finally drives me to install Elive in 3 laptops and upgrade two of them with a few € to let them to continue "in the race" for still several years (with futures releases of Elive, of course).

Now, let suppose that the light distro I found wasn't called Elive but "Lupus Light Linux " i.e.; I'll be happy with it but I probably never know that exist a more powerful version called "Elive Standard Full Power" so in the future, if I'll buy a powerful PC, "Lupus Light Linux" will be an anecdote from the past and I'll probably install another Linux distro in the new and powerful PC...... but if the ultralight distro I enjoy among years was called "Elive Special Ultra Leggera" I'll dream to install "Elive Standard Full Power" in my new, nice, fast, expensive and powerful PC...

The deal is to clearly make the differences between those two flavours to learn user what they would to attempt of any of them.


so for the future versions, you mean to call them like "ultralight" for the 32bit special builds and "powerful" for the 64bit builds? :thinking:

mmh, both versions should be available on the same download page (probably)

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Yes, something like that (brainstorming accepted) or even something more unconventional, in classic car's universe could be something like "Supperleggera" (as old Italian race cars like Ferrari or Alfa Romeo) versus "Supercharged" (like American muscle cars).... maybe the names like those could have a marketing effect?....

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