Elive on Linux Unplugged

One hour ago I have been contacted by Linux Unplugged, they are going to talk about Elive today! :applause:

I have been asked if there's anything important to know or mention, and so I answered a bit of information of Elive that may (or not) be included on the website, like the well known topic about the development and donations, but I also included:

  • About the Elive purpose's : It's hard to position a specific role for Elive since it aims to be better in every sense, this of course doesn't means that is the distro to pick for use to develop in Node.js, or use it for Kubernetes, or some very specific things(there's already distros which focuses on that and put the best work for these purposes), but since its based on Debian with a good customization compatibility you can still use it for any purpose or transform it in other things. Quoting LinuxInsider recent article, "Elive is one of the most multipurpose and different Linux distributions you are likely to encounter." ( https://linuxinsider.com/story/elive-beta-with-enlightenment-is-brilliant-but-dont-get-lost-in-the-maze-86548.html ) We can say that can be used by a novice person of any age or advanced programmers, it simply offers a great and user-friendly interface, with a strong work put on being light and fast, and aiming to be extremely stable and secure for a reliable daily work.

  • About Elive features : Unfortunately, I spend too much time in developing Elive without announcing much its features or not even write on the website which features has, I hopefully do it soon because I found essential to have that, the only thing we can see in the website is a small introduction of the characteristics but there's nothing mentioned about the very powerful customizations for the terminal, any medium user can see it after to play a bit with it, discovering new features every moment a new thing happen, the terminal shows a "help" tip on which if you run it you can see the amazing features that are available, if you type "el_" and press TAB you can see a good amount of own functions that can turn your shell in a powerful framework to develop, VIM is also very customized for a full IDE suite and features that makes it more amazing. The hotkeys PDF shows a demo of what can be done and even if a bit underestimated, an amazing power comes to the user after having played a bit with these hotkeys. Elive is full of auto-configurations and guided or automated features (they appear in the moment that a specific thing is detected) that make the full experience every day better and where things simply work as how they should be. Let me try to remember a few examples: like installing extra drivers when a specific hardware is detected, configuring your fonts sizes based on your screen resolution, a dynamic installer of the distro that optimizes for lightness in low-end computers or enable extra features for powerful ones, an own persistence system that saves different desktop settings per each different computer detected and other many features, like full encryption by default (also for the installed system), a selection of the best available software included, a few included cached debs to enable offline features (these things makes the ISO bigger but the installer takes care of removing unnecesary things and optimize others), default customizations for apps and ad blockers included by default in the browser, tools to automatically fix things like a watched of space used, possible stuck processes, detectors of hard disk errors and strong shakings of the computer, a good multimedia support, optimized video playbacks based in your graphic card... WELL! I surely forgot many many points but I will list all fo them in an unknown future on the website :slight_smile:

  • About the actual versions : we have at the moment the stable and the beta versions, they are really different in many senses, for example the stable version is very old but offers the best user experience, intuitiveness, beautiful, and features, includes the Enlightenment 17 desktop very customized for Elive and with Compiz integrated directly . The beta version instead includes much newer drivers and developed features, more compatible with any computers and also its available on 64bit, but the desktop is very difference since its used Enlightenment 16 as a temporary desktop for the development, Enlightenment 16 is not a bad thing but is very different and Elive took the care to customize and feature it with everything needed, it is true that has less features but offers an extremely rock solid and totally unbreakable desktop, I can truly believe that this should be one of the most stable systems in the world, in the end, Enlightenment 16 is loved by many people and deserves a good try for those who never tried before.

So yes, it was a little long answer, but I tried to summarize it (sorry @Rebel450 & @yoda, I know my answers are long lol) to included the things that I remember that are important to say

I also posted this thread because maybe this information is good to keep somewhere (and/or to include it on the website in the future) , I don't remember now where we had a thread in our forum talking about

Elive's purpose / goal / focus / etc... but in any case, we have there an excerpt of these things and features :thinking:

What do you think guys about this info compared to the actually-shown on the website ? mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo @LupusE...

Full podcast: LINUX Unplugged 353: Feeling Elive

Definitely a very good summary.

Maybe we could collaborate on a Google Doc to add a list of our favourite features...?

IIRC there was a thread a while back on our favourite features.

This publicity will be very good for Elive!

P.S. Elive is advertised on my blog, RSS feed, email signature, and more...but I don't think many people are looking, plus i've only got like three followers on GH. :face_with_head_bandage:

Elive needs to be More Popular. i would donate but I can't right now :cry:

Idea: what about affiliate links? I know there is dreamhost or whatever but it is on the bottom of the site and barely anyone notices :thinking: maybe we should have a few more? also, I think it was @LupusE suggested doing one of those search engine partnerships with DuckDuckGo or something.

PS It is very boring to be waiting on IRC for something to happen lol

Oh shoot...I'd better quit while I'm ahead :offtopic:

yes, i like that idea :slight_smile: we should put it public too, so that everybody can comment / vote on their favorite features :thinking:

if everybody will do that... :slight_smile:

i dont think these things are worth, and about that link, its both a suggestion by elive (i tried many hostings before and very dissappointed until found this one), and also the refferal can bring bonus $ for the hosting of elive

in the past it was much more active, i think people uses less IRC than before :thinking: maybe now with covid people is staying more in house and can be more intersting for people to be on the chat

Why not? It's probably easy to partner with DuckDuckGo -- all we'd need is default search engine DuckDuckGo.

Precisely what I was talking about.

that's what i was thinking. ...But since Google would probably sell all of that to advertisers and ruin our privacy why not make a wiki post here on the forum with list of features, plus it is already a centralized place for contributions...thoughts?

i think he meant when we were talking about the thread what features of Elive do you love? but correct me if i am wrong

Would you be referring to this thread?

Looks like they are rooting for an RPi version of Elive too! :smiley_cat:

EDIT: Someone came on IRC asking for what debian that beta 32bit was based on, i told them, they also said that they heard about elive from linux unplugged, plus i did notice an increase in the distrowatch hits-per-day :1up: :boogie: :1up:

I just pre-ordered a Pinephone to play with ...... who knows: An Elive version for that too, together with the Pinebook :madness:

We even discussed that here a while back.

The blokes at the /e/ foundation have been on it too with their de-googled android.


because elive doesn't have an enough amount of users

OMG, they have a phone too? i tried to buy a pinebook in the past but they were out of stock, do you have one? how does it runs? it is a good (small) device to work from? :slight_smile:

Might as well try, what's to lose?

Whatever happened to lineage? (EDIT: Sorry :offtopic: )

probably not, it's only $150 pre-order. It's shipping next month.
It's prolly total shitty like the cheap Ubuntu phone, at the time but nice to experiment with.

/e/ OS is a lineage (de-googled) fork

time :slight_smile:

nah, we need thousands of users per day to make it worth for any money, and we have maybe ten per day

oh, i was talking about the laptop :slight_smile: I wonder which usages can be made with it, in the end it can be a good "machine to write things" (good screen, maybe minimally-enough keyboard)

LEt me know how you like it.

For the other in this thread, @triantares made me discover /e/ and I love it.... I moved from IOS (all my life) to /e/


I find it funny how the stable version is less stable than the beta version. :laugh: :nod: :excited: