EliveLight and Dark e16 themes

for now i think that im pretty done with it :slight_smile:

so light theme can look similar to the dark one but also to the one provided in e17 (elive 3.0), so that users can find a familiarity with it

about round icons (buttons I assume we are talking about), I know that e16 doesn't smoothly resize the pixel borders, but maybe this can be done by having the correctly-looking rounded and well-resized buttons inside a square, this means: do not creating the button as a circle but as a square (with the circle inside. Not sure if im explaining correctly, but let's say the titlebar is white, and the button is red, so it should be something like [ O ] instead of O - where the square is white and the circle is red -

all other points sounds good :slight_smile: , btw use "Elive_Light" (with the _ char) for the dir name, to keep consistency (aparently spaces are not allowed for it)

where? :slight_smile:

in the cairo-dock.conf file, the last segment [style] set corner radius, "radius=0”

ah nice! switched to 2 :slight_smile:

do you know how to change the gradient which is so dark in the left side to be a bit more transparent? :thinking:

Wouldn't that be the gradients in the [background] section?

Where can I find your Elive_Dark .... ?

mmh, not much success playing with it

Elive_Dark is directly available from:


Somehow I am not getting them with "apug" , although DarkOne is there.:thinking:

Cairo-dock is changed with the corners flattened, so that was upgraded correctly.

Will try with whole 3.7.13 install, later today.

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Testing on 3.7.13 ......

I personally think that, because they are fairly small that the (normal) squares as buttons are pretty hard to discern when they're not highlighted. Only the border is not enough.
I know they're there so I pass over my mouse but otherwise I'd miss them. :thinking:

Maybe they should have a different (lighter?) grey then the surroundings?

A strange gripe I have is also that on every e16 regeneration, my "pager" gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.
It's easily repaired but I cannot figure out what is causing this :face_with_head_bandage:

On a Vbox 3.7.10 install I just rebooted, the upgrader window opens and tells me about the changes to DarkOne -> Elive_Dark.

  • The pop-up will NOT close with the OK button but will go away with the "close" of the window top menu.

ah well, you need to install the package e16-theme-elivedark :happy:

I assume you used elive-skel, otherwise there's no way to update a user's made conf

exactly, this is more or less the idea, I have tried to increase the border-colors (white) on them but doesn't looks so nice :thinking:


you have very strange e16 issues :slight_smile:

there should be not related

I may suggest to upgrade entirely your .e16 dir (elive-skel), assuming you have some scripts flying here, or use hte "restart desktop confs"

maybe you have a second screen connected? :thinking:

hum, just verified that it works, I have noticed that sometimes e16 seems to show a similar behaviour, maybe caused by the composite layer, tell me if you have the issue again (on this widget)

I discovered it was a reboot thingy. The machines I rebooted did get Elive_Dark ..... my working machine normally never reboots. :wine_glass:
But one would expect the normal upgrade methods to work without rebooting ...... especially on "rolling release". :rofl:

I know, probaly because of all the theme testing.
Sometimes I forget to clear cache or need a full system restart to get back to standard behaviour....and even then no guarantees.

But this pager "wandering" around is something I see on all my machines, includng those with default settings.
Somehow after a few restarts it starts to lower itself into the cairo-dock restricted space and cannot be clicked anymore before moving away the dock.

yeah, elive-upgrader is only run when the desktop starts
this should be improved (from a cronjob instead) but... actually is set this way (auto-start application)
its more like a future feature (integration) :slight_smile:

about the pager, if is an e16 bug it should be reported, but first:

  • being able to reproduce the issue
  • make sure that nothing (as a reason) interferes making it to happen

That's the hard part with e16. :nod:

I even just remove the whole .e16 directory or create a wholy new user to startup a new desktop due to unexpected e16 stuff. Surprising things sometimes come out....like I said: No guarantees ! :scream_cat:

No, it doesn't look good but a slightly different grey tint as the rest of the border might do the trick. :thinking:
Looking at all the graphics in "artwork" it looks like not all graphics actually show up as they should. Where have I seen that before ?? :face_with_head_bandage:

I think e16 is coming along reasonably nice (although the pager still irks me) .... if we get light and dark properly aligned an anouncement with a proud e16 should be possible IMO.

I mean, no other distro even allows installing e16 .... only "enlightenment" with e17 as lowest denominator. :w00t:

which type of announcement?

I will send tomorrow the notifications of the new beta releases, then a few days later a massive announcement about amd64 availability (like a newsletter / update about development, etc)

but of course it needs to be integrated first on the system

So there's a lot to do this week.
Me, my program is already full for the next week (actually too full) so I'll see how much sleep deprivation is needed to get somewhere. :wink:

Hows this for light (the yellow iconify is too big, I know) theme?

Note to self: give non-active highlighted icons a darker background.

I got lost in all the exchange about Elive Dark theme but wanted tell @triantares tks !!

I just rebooted and got the message about Elive theme rebranding, larger icons etc

It realy look very good now !!!

Good job !

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the squared ones looks pretty nice on this theme! :slight_smile:

but the hilighted buttons doesn't fits very well :thinking: (also it has a white bg on it)

you can try with a simply "painted" square box, probably with a "light" tone (lightning i mean, like a LED is hilighted), or to make it even looking better you can try to copy the squared image and put with a brush a hilighted color (yes, with a few pixels outside the box, like it is illuminating)

concept idea of illumination around the borders:


Yeah, that would be pretty cool for the Dark theme.

Still playing with different concepts for Light but trying to keep that in the round sphere (to keep a slight similarity with elive stable).
Going darker i.e receding into shadows as a contrast to Dark theme maybe.

Only the "normal" ones not the "active". Wrong grey percentage there, should be 30%, not 20% that's for "active"

I think I need to start over.
GTK-light is too full of cruft to easily adapt.
Methinks I'll take Elive_Dark as starting point and move from there. :thinking: