Eltrans: How to improve the English sentences in Elive (proofreading)


Cleaning english & french translations...
In the list you show (that I can't figure out to obtain for now), I think the first one to finish is Eltrans relative's... :wink:
The best is probably to tell "I make this one", and eventually cross control the works...
Due to many variables, I can't just say "I take it all"; Step by step way is here more valuable & do-able I think...


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OK, I started with the first one called "applications-compatibility" so let this for me, if you agree I can made impairs ones from those list and you pair ones and then we check for the other's work.

Well, strictly now, I have:

My first test will be Eltran (already 40%, so samples for me)...
After, can be ok!

Will be off probably 2-3 days from now...

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don't worry, this is correct this way :slight_smile: , the \ is escaped with \ to itself
it needs to be kept this (same) way on translations too! :slight_smile:

I just added an update: HowtoTranslators (diff) – Elive Development

yep that is important in order to not lose work (conflicting revisions), as explained somewhere in a translators howto on that site

not really, i would like but i have no time to do translations :confused:

I just saw today that you did a commit there: https://dev.elivecd.org/changeset/4824 (Timeline – Elive Development) but doesn't shows anything, I assume there was nothing to translate on this one :thinking:

Mmmh.. note @Franc that your account was not created yet on that moment you wrote that error, it has been created just right now when im writing this post... so make sure that you copy your directory ~/Projects/translations to have a backup of your work already done, before to start using your account... just in case your work is removed :slight_smile: , since you have a backup of this dir, everything is fine (copy back the modified fr.pot file to the project dir and commit it)

exactly, and sincerely i dont understand why @triantares and @Franc found hard this step... i mean, "you cannot do anything without an account" (but they continue tried to use eltrans without it), so I assume that eltrans has some problem of usability... maybe needs a much stricter "blocking" step, but is already "blocking step" :thinking:, users cannot do anything without the account :thinking: :thinking:

there was a guy that ran elive for more than 1 year without a single reboot :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


There's something strange here: If I didn't arrive before to somewhat login / pass in Eltran, it will reject! When I wrote

it means that at a point Eltrans ask me for user name & password and accept those... Or any name/pass can have a limited access???

Effectively, now my access is usable & I already made a test on Eltrans translations...
Now, for translations, it's sometimes needed to run the software to deal with contexts... For Eltrans, is the only solution is to re-run it in VirtualBox?

Yes on this machine, for now I can't find why it's hot; even now, at night in a not heated house, it's at about 80°... :frowning:


Mmmh, it doesn't looks like you sent them: Timeline – Elive Development

If im not wrong, eltrans also gives you the possibility to "install locally your translations", so you can run the software with the updated messages

Another solution is to run elive in Live mode or from Virtualbox (in live mode too suggested), so you can run the application in its original messages without harm to do anything




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received a translation update by @triantares which looks empty (no sentences modified), is this correct @triantares? just to make sure that the tool is working correctly :slight_smile:

commit is: https://dev.elivecd.org/changeset/4826

mmh, @maxinou also says that he sent "a single sentence modified" but there was nothing showing up too :thinking:

you* should inspect the directory Projects/translations to see with "svn diff" for example if there's any modification not sent, or if the translation file was saved with a different name! maybe... :thinking: (maybe .po instead of .pot?) , if is a different file, please send me them via email so i will commit them correctly and investigate the eltrans issue


I just betatested it and there's too many changes, affirmative, the modified file is .po instead of .pot, i have temporally disabled eltrans

@triantares @Rebel450 if you want to save your work, send me the modified .po file from your Projects/translations dir (navigate it to search it, ending without the "t"), and send me via email to commit the already-made work

(obviously at 'Smokers Delight' - LOL)
Jah... Rastafari!

:boogie: :nod: :rofl2:

Ha, ha, harrrr :rofl2:

Never saved, all gone during fresh install of the latest beta.....
I thought, it will be saved on the "Eltrans Server"

Super :nod:
Classy :madness:
Professional :typing: :applause:

Anyway, it wasn't much - but : :rofl2: :gun:

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well, it didn't worked, the code is compatible with the stable version but not for buster :slight_smile: , we should have check the timeline of translations to verify it (just like i did where i found it was not working)

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Hmm, and at last i got it working .... on my 3.7.6 box. I even saved a lot of "repairs" to the installer this evening. Dang! :face_vomiting:
Oh well, still got a local copy....I think.:thinking:

com on, of course you do have -
you always 'doin it' on vm images... :madness:

Looking poedit recent files menus it seems that, effectively, the file with only one sentence translated is saved as fr.po instead of fr.pot

I'll send you by email in a few minutes

OK, as I only translate one sentence I doesn't sent you nothing as you found it yourself.

Fully rewrited original post / howto, it will be used for explain the proofreading / verification of original messages process on the new eltrans :slight_smile:



Just to say: when working at translations, I mainly use reverso.net, witch is very good, completed eventually with extra dictionaries...
/VADE RETRO google/ !




Do you think reverso.net does better translations than google translator?

Or which reasons makes it better? (maybe including grammar suggestions?, mmh, google translator has a basic one too if im not wrong?) :thinking: