Fonts enhancement in E16 Snapshot

Standard on my machine with a 14" screen and 2560x1440 resolution the default font setting (8-10 pixel) is deadly small.
Considering that currently laptops have smaller screens and higher resolutions than ever before, it's something to be reckoned with. Frankly default E16 only looks OK on my older machines.

We've been over this in another thread and one of the things offered was a slider to resize them.

That, IMHO has to be added ASAP into the E16 Snapshot release and preferably immediately.
Themes if not installed user-installed (i.e as a .deb package) require root access to "/usr/share/e16/themes/*/fonts-*.cfg" and editing a.o "font-menu" entry for changes -- so a slider would be good. As well as having these font settings remembered when installing from the Live version to disk.

Nothing is as off-putting as unreadable menu items and no simple setting option to change that.

The Howto here on the forum is nice but not in any way suited or find-able by any newcomer let alone a reviewer wanting to write an article about Snapshot. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Agreed and confirmed.
The funny thing is, (which is tiring with the time)

  • that we all had this before - even an awesome starter-dock.
    Now we redo the same stuff again, just to get the comfort, that we already had, strange nah?!

No, these issues/thoughts were brought up previously but never seen to .... there were more important things to look at.
Now that we're talking publicizing, those will have to be seen to ASAP.

I think font size is really important....I suspect, looking at the retro-wave video that @Thanatermesis runs on a virtual machine with a fairly low resolution most of the time and doesn't notice. It was the first gripe I had when after installing alpha on my Helix2.