Forum: changes and improvements


This is a list of the improvements made on this Forum website, make sure to subscribe to this thread! :slight_smile:

  • Ability to mark a thread as “solved”
  • Create polls
  • Able to add an interactive checklist in the posts
  • Able to assign a thread to someone, useful to keep better tracking
  • Emojis imported from the old forum
  • Added own designs for the forum (select in your profile), demo
  • Able to vote topics, actually only enabled in the Howtos->Faq section

Note: This website is based in Discourse, so I will list only the specific things & usages for Elive

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I just added a “assign” Plugin, this is not meant to replace the BTS website but can allow us to keep a much better trackings, specially useful in combination with the Solved plugin :dance:

This plugin allows us to:

  • assign a thread to someone (only admins can do that)
  • everybody can list the assignations, like in this thread that has an icon to my username that list my assignations
  • we have an extra entry in our User’s top bar tab that lists our assigned topics
  • closing a thread removes the assignations

More details:



Customized themes (Elive homemade), so now we have:

  • Elive White: based in the default one, white, best standard (and the one to use for screenshots)
  • Elive Dark: based in the dark default one, but with much nicer colors, improved for the eyes
  • Elive Retrowave: An amazing uber-geek design for oldies, not the best for the eyes but the most uber-geek and special

All of them includes the features for header-icon-links & the fix for the emoticon aspect sizes


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FAQ section added, icon in the header included, plugin for “vote” posts included and enabled for the Faq category which makes it more useful! :boogie:



Forum was down

The cause was the SSL (httpS) certificate not renewing correctly, causing the browser not “allowing” to connect to the website without the certificate up-to-day, this issue will not happen again.

I have also fired one of the unicorn workers :unicorn:, we have only 1 now, this will reduce the RAM consumption in a great value in order to not use the SWAP partition constantly, which is good for the hardware health, we should not notice any performance difference in the forum since unicorns has super-powers, but if you see the forum slower now, let me know it :slight_smile:

Now, it’s time to dance again




Now the forum will automatically upgrade once per month to the last version, this will happen every day 1 of the month at 00 time in central-europe time and will take less than 15 minutes to finish (website will be down during that)

Mentions: @yoda


Due to the stability seen in this well made website (unlike wordpress), I have removed the daily backups that had made a daily downtime of the forum during 2 minutes, a backup still made every 5 days from the website itself which will take no downtime :slight_smile:


I think that I already posted this before but in any case… the forum has a few emojis added:

:rainbowyay: or: :rainbowyay::rainbowyay::rainbowyay:

:happy: :happy: :happy:








LOL fror the emojis !!!



I have created a new Category (with sub-categories) called “Special Versions”, with a few sub-categories like:

  • e16 (for enlightnement 16 desktop)
  • older (for old versions of Elive like Topaz) - suggestions for a better “oldish” name? :thinking:
  • will add more in the future for different special versions of Elive (like an educative-purposes version, for schools or house-learning)

This is an important (structural) change, so if you* have any feedback about that please tell it now :slight_smile:

Mentions: @yoda, @grottem, @stoppy98, @LupusE, @triantares



I like it
Good move



I would use legacy for the older version, since plenty of people are not native English speakers maybe previous (at least in Germany known from the tape decks).

Or a little more fun with oldies or as they say about Debian rusty.
After some time ancient would also be suitable. The youth would call it vintage. The word immemorial sounds too much like immortal, which isn’t the worst idea since Elive should also keep legacy systems alive.

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You comment made me smile @LupusE



hum, so many options, yes we need an intuitive one for non-english speakers (in a single word)

maybe legacy is more specific than older? mmh…

the other names can be a little more confusing (not knowing that you are talking about old versions of elive)

but then “older” sounds more correct (like a reference to a “previous” concept),

Special Versions -> older
Special Versions -> previous
Special Versions -> legacy

hum :thinking:



I have removed an nginx (web server) main layer and now the forum runs itself full from the container

This was needed to avoid expired httpS (secure ssl url) expirations like it happened a few days ago

The forum should work as good as before and you should not see any difference, the only thing that you should notice (if) is that could be a little faster :slight_smile:

Comment here if you need to report anything about it

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