Swedish system "translations"

I usually keep english as my prefered system langauge but when I earlier today installed Elive 387 64 I was curious and choosed Swedish. Jesus Christ, its like Google translations on LSD! Please remove this shit! ALL Swedes understand English (but we never speak that much) and the impression of this very, very bad translations is so embarrassing. Somewhere its funny, somewhere you cant understand the meaning and together its a shame! I can volunteer as translator if its important to have Swedish as system language.


Thanks a lot for your post,
we will have to discuss here, but for sure your offer to assist with translation is welcome.
ping: @Thanatermesis; what you say - eltrans ?
ping: @Hammer459; do you agree with what @Gunnar_Mossberg says ?

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Hi Gunnar,

it was nearly the same with german. I'm in love with Enlightenment, so I've tried Elive ... But the google translations needed some (to be nice) improvements.
At this time I was between two jobs an got some unsusual sparetime, while traveling (business) around germany. I don't like much spare time, so I've translated some parts, that bugs me most.

I really don't find the eltrans howto on the new website. And I don't remember what was the prozess. Something like:

  • Open a terminal and type eltrans
  • write @Thanatermesis your email and a choosen (not very secret) password
    wait for feedback (Hint: Don't use a gmail account)
  • enter the credentials in eltrans
  • happy translation

The result can be seen in github.

Something ontopic to smile: YouTube

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Also related to the topic:

Just choose any module, click on your language (sv for svergie?) nd see the results.
It is hard to translate sentence by sentence without context.

In eltrans, there is a overview, of how much is already (automatic) translated. I can't see this number in the git hub.

Detailed HowTo: HowtoTranslators – Elive Development
And Remember, even the english needs improvement: Eltrans: how to improve the english

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Most systems the translations are ultrabad. But I do agree with Gunnar. On both accounts, I pretty much never use Swedish as my OS laguage. And LSD or some such is probably required not to end up in a psych ward :rofl:


Same for italian :joy: I tried to translate something everytime i had free time when eltrans was working

And when eltrans isn't working, we've could edit the .po files manually. No excuses! :stuck_out_tongue:
f.ex. it.pot in translations/eltrans – Elive Development


uuuh this is nice. thanks!
How do i edit it?


Ok, but needs validations & integration... Validations could be done via the forum in ad hoc threads, but as only @Thanatermesis can integrate those in the .iso, it needs a minimal organization in order for him to not have to crawl in the different threads to deal with that...
So if @Thanatermesis can give us some directives to ease his integration work, perhaps we could do that efficiently without Eltrans...


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Hi @Franc,
yes, the validation is important. This is the cool part about the community working. Some work for all interested people, instead of all work for a few people. I would love to interact more with other translators.
As written before, sometimes it is hard to to translate from google-English without context. And I would not say I have the ability to search all dialog anywhere in the system. Here the swarm-knowledge could really be helpful, to improve the English and than the other languages. Sometimes both at the same time.

But I don't understand the negative about 'insert into .iso/.deb'.

@Thanatermesis does a great job, by providing eltrans. But If it isn't working, the more advanced users are still able to

  • download the file from the GIT repo
  • translate the file with any editor
  • upload the changes in the GIT Repo
    And from here on there is no difference in the integration process if somebody used eltrans or an editor.
    Meanwhile @Thanatermesis can focus on prio tasks and fix eltrans later. And the translation will be going on.

I checked a lot of spelling and wording in an external editor, before put it into eltrans.

And as I am really love Sweden, I would be happy to learn some phrases :slight_smile: I need to travel there, soon.

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I already write here about the problem of contexts: there's some sentences that can't seriously be translated without being aware technically of what is behind...
And off course as you say, the English will very probably gain in quality in the process...
If the repo resolve the .iso integration, ok! :slight_smile:


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Exactly ... The only language I am speaking high level is SQL. Not even in German (my origin) I'm sure what I want to say and how ...

And that is the definition of the problem and now we need a solution ...

If there is a confusing sentence, show us a screenshot and maybe a description how you get there.
One plus on Linux in an international team is the ability to fast switch the language.

lupus@zoe:~$ audacious

Oh, I've read a message I don't understand. But here are only English speaking people ...

lupus@zoe:~$ LANG=C audacious

And here we go ... The whole GUI in English ...

... but why is LANG=se_SE audacious not working?

lupus@zoe:~$ locale -a

Ah, it isn't installed on the system. locale, without any argument, will show you the active setting in your session.

So, If you want to show us an unclear translation/wording in eltrans, just open a terminal and type LANG=C eltrans ... And the whole Interface is English.

I've could inserted a few screenshots, yes .. But dinner is ready :slight_smile:

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default pre-translations are generally good, but of course this changes a lot between languages, since I know french and spanish I always test the new messages on google translator before to insert them in the code (they must auto-translate correctly, so this means is a well sentenced english with nicely-translatable words), its a slow task for me to wording these sentences but it makes sure that the sentence is well writed, clever and clear

let me clarify this again: the biggest issue of the auto-translations is because of a wrong english used in the original sentence, the second issue is that each language has better or worse quality translation

but in any case, they are just pre-translations, it is meant that they are not included in stable versions and only in beta versions (all packages must be rebuilt to make this to take effect), except in the case of the translations made by eltrans, so, they are set as "fuzzy" when pretranslated and when somebody improves it in eltrans the "fuzzy" state is removed (which includes it on the stable releases)

in other words, we must have well-sentenced (proofreaded) english sentences before to try to fix them in the other languages (both things can be done from eltrans, but unfortunately the tool doesnt works works at the moment and needs some rewrites)

you need to add this language in your language settings (new tool provided in elive avaialble on the menus, select the debian/advanced mode to configure it), once you have the language added in your system you can use the LANG=foo application way to run apps :slight_smile: , also, remember to use the UTF-8 mode, for example, in live mode (on which a few languages are included by default) you can do:

LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 audacious

Ooooops, sorry
Spamming user deleted.

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