The Enlightenment (E24+) future we envision

After using Enlightenment Desktop for quite a while now ..... and knowing there's a few others:
I'd be very interested to hear what design choices as to the Desktop we envision or would (not) like to see.
For now I've tried to format my desktop in a way that copies the E17 desktop used in Stable but ..... Seeing that is fairly old: Maybe we need to come up with something more spectacular or at least unique.

I've got some ideas but specifically do NOT want to force those on others.
So please, if you have wishes, vague ideas or anything ... please say so.

We can discus them and maybe incorporate them as .... frankly, I have no fixed idea either (yet) what the desktop of the future should look like. :thinking:

How is e25 going to ship out to be soon?
You think we might be able to use emodule-ecomorph in e25?

perhaps make emodule-ecomorph compatible to e25 might be in order?

AFAIK we won't be needing ecomorph for compositing on Enlightenment as it has it's own manager.

As to the numbering scheme:
Currently we are on 24.2 which is the latest available version on github and are Beta testing releases.

Elive E16 (current Beta) and E17 (Stable) have quite distinct features and differences in the way they're set-up,
E24 or later is (understandably) fairly bland in it's theming and layout scheme and I was wondering what we existing Elivers would like to see in our next desktop.

Like maybe a tiling desktop by default?

Or default setting with separate pager moved to the top?

This my personal current setting (with autohide for the pager) which I'm used to but it does tend to get messy.
There certainly are perks to a tiling desktop, as in better oversight. :smiley14:

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all improvements / suggestions welcome, apart of that, it will use as much as possible the same features and designs as the 3.0 version which is already very good

that is not an easy thing :slight_smile: , i mean "possible" is perfectly, but a big change affects many things, and the final result should be a good result which is not easy to reach, it will require a big big brainstorming first

definitively we will not be able to use ecomorph / compiz anymore after elive 3.0, but E can do some effects too, but of course not the same ones as compiz

as @triantares said, compositor is already integrated and is also integrated on the 3.0 version of elive when you are not using ecomorph, but compositor is not totally the same thing, compiz brings more effects and features

tiling is good to have available but not by default, normal users are not used of this and can be confusing , maybe can be good to have it as a startup option to pick

I agree ..... and the big thingy is the prominent presence of the virtual desktops. Elive is fairly unique in that. Frankly I couldn't live without it and feel severely limited when on a desktop that doesn't have that. :+1:
Another thing is the favorites bar, it's form and position. The current E24 iBar is fairly bland and flakey in some choices like using "connman" instead of "nm", IMO.
I think we need to decide what direction it should go, i.e the mac-like bar, a favorites bar like in Gnome and Unity or a win95 like dock/bar as in KDE or Mint.
Hence my post in screenshots about "polibar", there's a lot more out there that could give interesting results when cleverly combined with other finds. :thinking:

It might make a big difference if we show what tiling can do and/or maybe offer a beautifully pre-configured Elive version at startup.
Tiling and showing the virtual desktops don't really mix .... that might be a problem.

So let's all work on that!

Scour the net for ideas, try them (however far fetched they may seem), see if what configurations each of us likes or dislikes and implement them if possible.

Maybe it wont lead to anything but then at least it wont be for not trying.